Viagra: how to make it more effective?

It's in human nature to always ask for more and never be satisfied with what we have right now. The same applies for Viagra, which has been praised as a magical pill only a decade ago but now is considered as just another drug on the shelf. Many people ask how it can be made more effective while others try to mix it with its newer analogues from other drug manufacturers. All this seems very strange because the benefits delivered by Viagra easily guarantee a successful sexual intercourse if you take the drug a bit in advance. Still, people want to get the most out of it and you can't blame them for that. As said, it's in human nature to want more and more. So how do you make Viagra even more effective than it already is?

The most obvious and direct method for making Viagra work better is getting a higher dose of the drug. However, this measure can be risky, especially when not discussed with your doctor. Viagra's dosage depends on many factors, including the conditions you've been diagnosed with and the drugs you're currently using. So it's not always an option to increase the dosage of the drug since there may be complications involved. And even if you think about getting a higher dose of Viagra, first talk to your doctor about it in order to make sure that it's a safe decision.

Making Viagra more effective usually involves diminishing the effects of factors that have caused erectile dysfunction in the first place. Some of the health conditions that are associated with Viagra can be treated while others may only be managed. Still, regardless of the conditions involved you have to become more responsible and proactive in managing them if you want to make Viagra more effective. That involves regular checkups and adequate treatment for any health problems that are delivering the problems. Without this, the problem of erectile dysfunction will gradually become worse even with the use of Viagra and it will be harder and harder for you to achieve a proper erection. So the earlier you start managing your health the more effective Viagra will become in the future.

Lifestyle changes can also be very effective for making Viagra work better. Since many of the conditions that are linked to erectile dysfunction can be associated with lifestyle (especially diabetes, obesity, hypertension, alcohol abuse, etc.), it's evident that by employing a healthier regimen and schedule it will be easier to prevent the onset of ED and make Viagra work more effectively. These lifestyle changes include a proper diet, refusal of any bad habits and regular physical activity.

The importance of a healthy diet cannot be stressed enough as there are countless health problems that have been confirmed to stem from unhealthy foods. If you want Viagra to work better stop eating junk food, get easy on the coffee, eat less sweets and switch to a healthier diet that is rich on fruits, vegetables, fish, poultry, red meat and nuts. Besides having an overall beneficial effect on your body such a diet will also prevent obesity, which is known to be a common cause for ED.

Bad habits such as smoking, drinking and drug abuse make people more prone to developing erectile dysfunction. Since smoking and drinking have been observed to deteriorate blood vessels at much faster rates than normally, it's evident why there are higher rates of ED patients among long-time smokers and alcoholics. So the earlier you kick the habit the easier it will be to make Viagra work better.

Regular physical activity is very important, especially for those who work in offices and don't do much around the house. Giving your body an intense workout at least three times a week is a great way to keep it in tone and prevent a wide range of health conditions, some of which may contribute to ED. And even if you're already using Viagra, regular physical activity will certainly make the drug more effective.

Viagra: how to make it more effective?

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