Beat Eczema Without Drugs

The diagnosis has come back and you have adult eczema. You sit down with your doctor, and he lays out your treatment options. He says you need antihistamines and cortisone cream for the itching. He reaches for his prescription pad and begins writing out prescriptions for various medicines he assures you that you need to control your eczema.

Don’t fill that prescription! You don’t need drugs to control your eczema, no matter what that doctor tells you. There are many, many safe, non-drug alternatives that your doctor won’t tell you about – mainly because he probably doesn’t know about them himself, or if he does he doesn’t care.

Rather than just treating your symptoms with prescription drugs that have too many adverse side effects to list in this article, get to the root cause of your eczema. A good place to start is to determine what, if any, allergies you have. One of the major causes of eczema is believed to be reaction to allergens, both food and environmental, such as pollens and cat dander. Getting a battery of allergy tests is a good first step.

Sensitivities to chemicals and toxins in our daily environment can also cause eczema. Examine the products you use around the house and the hygiene products you use on your body. You may find that most of them are full of chemicals with long, unpronounceable names. Replace them with products containing natural ingredients. Natural is from nature. If it’s a chemical, it isn’t natural.

Whether or not you have food allergies, it’s a good idea to change to an all-organic diet. Non-organic foods contain residues from pesticides, fungicides, and chemical fertilizers, and these cannot be completely removed from the foods. You get small doses of poisons every time you eat a non-organic product and these put a lot of stress on your body, especially your immune system. These poisons are not used on organic foods.

Look into taking herbs and supplements that strengthen the immune system. You might also want to consider a detox cleanse to start ridding your body years of built up toxin. You should probably do both of these with the guidance of a naturopathic doctor who is familiar with skin disorders and can help you to do these things the right way.

When you take the effort to restore your body to optimum health, you will be rewarded in many ways, not the least of which will be a remission of your eczema symptoms. You will beat eczema, enjoy greater health, and not end up taking potentially dangerous drugs for years and years.

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Heal Your Acne Faster Doing These 4 Simple Things…

Did you know that your body can heal acne a lot faster if its healthy?
Yes, its true! Ive tried all kinds of acne treatments. Sometimes it my acne heals fast, sometimes it doesnt. And now I finally figured out why the times when my acne heals fast is when my body was healthy.
In other words, your body cannot heal acne if its not healthy.
So if you want to naturally speed up the healing process of your acne then these 4 tips will be the most helpful acne healing tips you ever read:

A Healthy Body your body cannot heal acne if its not healthy. Because without a healthy body, the healing process will be very slow, even if youre using the best acne treatment on the market.
For example, if youre healthy, you can heal acne as fast as 2 to 3 days with an effective acne treatment. If its not healthy, then it can take as long as a month.
So in order to maintain a healthy body, you have to make sure your body is getting all the essential vitamins and minerals it needs in every meal you consume.

Workout working out is extremely essential for overall health. It will give your body the energy it needs to heal acne. So make sure you workout at least 3 times a week.

Stop Stressing stress interrupts your bodys healing process of acne and it may even worsen your acne condition. But you can reduce stress by meditating or doing yoga.
These 2 stress reducers works great. So make sure you do them so your body can heal acne quickly and smoothly without interruptions.

Get Enough Sleep healing acne takes energy, and if you dont get enough sleep then your body will not have enough energy to heal acne. So as you can see, getting enough sleep is very important to healing acne fast.
So get at least 8 hours of sleep each night.
These are the 4 steps you can help your acne heal faster.

How To Ensure Your Dental Health On An Ongoing Basis

You brush and floss your teeth everyday and you have an excellent dental health. And this is why you don’t need a visit to a dentist.

It’s a myth. It’s important to see your dentist regularly for checkups, in addition to daily brushing and flossing. You may need a fewer visits or more frequent visits. It depends on your dental health history. But you certainly need a visit to your dentist.

So, what does a dental checkup involve? Well, there are no hard and fast rules on what involves in a dental checkup. Every dentist doesn’t operate in same way. However, it typically involves a thorough examination of your your teeth, gums and mouth, x-rays (if required), cleaning and polishing (if required) and education.

– Examination: Your dentist in Tampa will begin with examining your teeth, gums and mouth. The objective is to spot the problem areas and look for signs of a problem, such as cavity or gum disease). In case you have any visible problems, your dentist will recommend you the course of treatment.

– X-rays: Your dentist may suggest taking x-rays of your tooth that has problem to identify the exact nature of the problem and the extent to which damage to your tooth has occurred. X-rays help in looking for decay, gum diseases and problems at the roots. Taking x-rays may or may not be necessary, depending upon your dental health and result of general examination conducted by your dentist.

– Cleaning and Polishing: Technically, cleaning of your teeth is known as scaling. Your teeth may or may not require scaling. However, most people do require. Scaling is done to scrape and remove the tartar from your teeth while polishing involves removing plaque or stains by rotating rubber cup or brush.

– Education: Your dentist always educates you, whether or not you have been identified with any dental problems. In case you don’t require any treatment, your dentist will educate you on how to ensure your dental health on an ongoing basis. However, if you are detected with a dental problem, you will be guided on what treatment you’ll need and how to go ahead with it.

Sometimes, your dental checkup may involve all these steps while sometimes it’s a brief process. It completely depends on your current dental health and your dental history. But whatever is the case, make sure that you don’t hesitate in disclosing all your concerns and treatment details to your dental Tampa FL provider. It will help in identifying exact problem and the right treatment.

Once you decide to go for a dental checkup, the next step is to find a reputable dentist. Of course, there must be numerous dentists in your vicinity but it’s important to look for a qualified, licensed and experienced dentist to ensure that you get the right treatment and education. You can conduct an online research and then call up the selected dentists to inquire further. Consider their experience, qualifications, professional associations and available dental treatments and prices when making a decision.

Breast Cancer And The Benefits Of Liquid Kelp.

Seaweed studies released have proven conclusively that those who follow a regimen of eating raw kelp or ingesting natural kelp extracts, notice a definite reduction of times they’ve caught a cold or flu virus. The natural health benefit of kelp has also proven to reduce the amount of time the symptoms of the cold or flu virus remained with the test patient.

A range of mineral content will fortify osseous tissue, teeth and nails and is an anti-ageing revitalizer, providing more elasticity for your face and body. A wonderful act of Nature has provided the amazing health benefits of Liquid Kelp we have now. Yet additional kelp health benefits come from distilling these essential minerals extracted from Natures Ocean Grass Digitata Laminaria, also known as Sea Kelp. This extraction method releases vitamins & minerals from unavailable, inorganic essences into natural minerals which can be assimilated easily providing a definite health benefit.

Two important factors that contribute to Liquid Kelp Health Benefits are:

1- Journal of Nutrition February 2005

2- Wellness and Beauty Secrets, Pyramid 1970

Breast Cancer: The Connection of Iodine, Thyroid Problems altered by Kelp Health Benefits. Breast cancer is one of the most familiar health risks women face, that can see a kelp health benefit. Mortality rates have not changed significantly since records started to be kept in the 1920s. Surgery, chemotherapy, mammography, and radiation have not altered the mortality rate. Eighty five percent of women who develop breast cancer will die of causes directly related to breast cancer. (Source: Dr. David Derry)

Dr. Derrys hypotheses of kelp health benefits, are founded on extended studies of published medical papers in conjunction with his experience as a clinician, and are not just his opinions. Studies are currently underway involving the effects of organic iodine from kelp on cancer prevention and reduction – several studies are exhibiting very positive Kelp Health Benefits of natural kelp products. Because breast cancer rates worldwide carry on to increasing, more people are interested in early intervention or prevention.

Dr. Derry advises maintaining our natural immune system with small-scale daily dosages of naturally ocurring iodine from kelp, and improving metabolous wellness by renormalising suitable thyroid levels, capitalising on natures Kelp Health Benefits.

FORGOTTEN KELP HEALTH BENEFITS In February of this year health researchers at UCLA Berkeley(1), called for a dramatic increase in scientific research into kelp health benefits after Discovering that a diet containing kelp may decrease the risk of estrogen-dependent Diseases in humans, such as breast cancer”

Acne Scars 101

Acne scars have always been the bane of the existence of teenagers, performers, actors, or almost anybody. With the face being the first thing a person fixes their eyes on, it is almost impossible not to shy away from any onlooker.

But what is it exactly that turns acne into acne craters, acne pockmarks and acne scars? And what can people do about them? Is there any truth that acne scars are permanent?

Before diving deep into the effects or the aftermath of having acne, let us acquaint ourselves with the causes of acne first. Acne is generally caused by four different reasons: most common is the extra oil that our face or body produces, clogged pores, bacteria, and inflammation. That is why people who are oily or those who tend to get exposed to pollution or dirt have acne problems, and from acne come acne scars, acne pockmarks, and acne craters.

Acne Scars:

Acne scars are sort of the battle mark that people get for having them. After such time of getting acne, it turns into acne scars because the damage the acne did affected or damaged the deeper layer of the skin, the dermis. The marks that are left behind from the acne are actually caused by collagen, which are fibrous protein that tries to repair the damaged area. However, the collagen can only go so far as to repair the damage done and not resemble how the skin looked before the acne.

For those who fear that it might be permanent, is there any way to get rid of acne scars or at least prevent them from ever happening? Since prevention is better than cure, acne prevention is much easier than actually solving the problem it leaves behind.

– Have acne treated immediately so as to avoid it from becoming too severe or inflamed, making it leave the mark

– Do not touch, handle, pop, or squeeze out the acne as it may actually make it worse and may make the healing period longer

– Use sun block; this is because the suns ultraviolet rays damage the skin making acne and acne scars worse

– Dermatologist prescribed topical cream may also help prevent acne scars

For those who already have acne scars, over-the-counter topical cream, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels prescribed or done by a dermatologist are recommended.

Acne Pockmarks and Acne Craters:

As for acne pockmarks, they occur when the acne is too severe, and when the inflammation has reached deeper layers of the skin. Unfortunately, pockmarks are permanent, but there are treatments that may help to make them less visible.

Treatment for acne pockmarks include non-invasive laser treatment, skin filling, ablative laser resurfacing, dermabrasion or microdermabrasion, and chemical peels which all must be done by a dermatologist so as to guarantee proper treatment.

As for acne craters, it is a depressed acne scar that got its name because the damage it does resembles that of a crater. Though some may be shallow or mild, some may go very deep the reason why people seek treatment.

Surprisingly, even with the permanent physical damage it does, there are some varying treatments. For shallow acne craters, simple over-the-counter treatments can do the trick, however for deeper ones, collagen treatments administered by a dermatologist to plump up the crater or reduce the spot are an option.