Interesting Facts About Cancer

For years people have been affect by cancer that has plague their life and their loved ones. Doctors have come up with all kinds of strategies to eliminate this nuisance problem disease. The main problem in concentrating on cancer treatment is to eliminate and wipe out these cancer cells. While the facts remain in reducing the burden of tumors can help in some ways, surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy, don’t cure cancer in most cases. One of the factors of curing cancer is one must change the underlying factors that cause the disease.

The fact that people have suffered for many years in combating this disease, nutritional supplements and some parts of dietary therapy has help to change some of the known causes of cancer, and thus help the patient’s bodily immune system to better defend off cancer cells. Understanding cancer treatment is a very vital process for the patient in eliminating the disease which should be included always a nutritional aggressive component as part of their complete therapy.

The fact that the CDC reported just a mere half percent to one percent of metastatic cancer patients live longer than five years. Another updated Cancer Research has revealed that chemotherapy is now credited with remissions in only seven percent of cancer cases. These numbers can be greatly increased.

The fact of the matter that the things that has been shown on television you have seen and you read what has been printed in newspapers and magazines etc. But the one thing that remains is…were you ever told the “Truth!” This is what you want and this is what people want – but the fact remains how many out there is never being told the real truth about cancer and the incidence that it can bring. The fact that the numbers are growing significantly because people have been misinformed or uneducated.

When you look at statistics you’ll find one out of four people had cancer alone in 1960, but when you look at it today it is about one out of three. The chances are it could be lower as strides of achievement is being made. The fact that you can lower your risk of cancer by eliminating carcinogens from your food, and water, or the air that we breath in our homes or workplace. Here’s a study of which the FDA found that may be enlightening to you – that there where significant amounts of pesticides found in the average American food shopping basket-around 60-80 traces of it. Shockingly this government of ours did nothing about it.

The fact that you are never told the truth about cancer prevention is quite disturbing…the fact that you are never told the truth about conventional cancer therapy or the fact that you can now significantly lower the risk of cancer by cleansing or ridding the body of all toxins then go on a healthy diet and exercise regularly. The fact that many cancer establishments have relied on the crude and primitive treatments for surgery or the likes of radiation and chemotherapy as their only way of fighting this disease.

These therapies pretty much are very dangerous, toxic, and inefficient, but can be very profitable for those in the conventional medical field. There are many doctors in the field where there has been much discussion about this but the final summation of it all that was agreed upon by many doctors was that chemotherapy and radiation in essence is literally murder. This year alone well over 1,260,000 Americans will get cancer and all the while Americans are spending billions of dollars on cancer treatment and research alone.

The fact that you haven’t been told the truth about cancer fully and the death that it cause – Looking at these things with a keen eye, the facts remains cancer that causes death is on a swift rise – Unless the people take the time to be health conscious and watch what there eating and putting in their mouths and what they are putting on their skin and the things that’s found in our foods and that’s being allowed to be put in our products that we use, If we don’t take the time to read these labels of ingredients on can goods, hair spay, dish liquids, soaps, air fresher, and the list goes on and on this epidemic will still go on and people would still be getting cancer wondering where it comes from.

If we take the time to just do a little research on a product and what these hard words to pronounce you’ll find some shocking information that would save not only your life but the life of others around you that you know or don’t know and cause you to discontinue using that product or item or food additives that causes these cancer producing symptoms. Do your research, do your homework – READ, READ, READ. I cannot emphasize enough the life alternating experience you would have in saving not only your own life but the life of others of family and friends around you. Just remember that over six hundred and fifty thousand Americans will die of cancer despite what the best therapy of conventional medicine has to offer.

The fact that radiation and chemotherapy together is nothing more than a mixture of deadly poisons. Given examples: surgery and radiation their main objective of chemotherapy is to cleanse or rid the body of cancer by destroying cancer cells. The reason for this is because the cancer cells in the body divide more quickly than normal cells, such as chemotherapeutic agents targeting swiftly dividing cells in your body.

The fact that other cells such as those that are found in our hair follicles, and our bone marrow or intestinal lining are terribly effected. What does it do? It destroys our hair follicles, and the epithelial cells that’s lining our digestive tract – this is why so many that go through chemotherapy usually winds up losing hair and experiencing gastrointestinal sickness.

The fact that this is an all out war fighting against cancer doesn’t mean there is no hope…there is. But it is imperative the we educate ourselves in knowing all that there is to know in beating cancer. Remember there is one successful way of treating cancer and degenerative diseases and that is through wholesome body tactics.

What is wholesome body tactics…and what does it mean? What it means is you can’t drug your body into being healthy. Consider very carefully that it is your body and your mind that you must nourish with care – it might hurt you saying this but you can’t put every and anything into your mouth or on your body for that matter, stated again in another term…do you love eating, you just live to eat eat eat or do you knowledgeably eat smart eat wise and eat to live… you weigh out the factors of which of the two do you do…do you live to eat or do you eat to live? That is the question.

We understand this is not an easy subject for many but it does bear a lot of weight. We come to the realization that chemotherapy has been unsuccessful throughout the years in most cases of treating cancer. The problem is cancer is a systemic disorder which means it is in the whole body and it manifest itself in a particular part of the body or organ – this is typically call as one’s genetic weak link…for this reason is why a organ can not be cut out. Statistics show that ninety six percent of all cancer patients that survived chemotherapy have a relapse after five years.

To give you a little insight cancer in itself is an anaerobic organism which is an organism that doesn’t require oxygen for growth, which thrives in acidic, low oxygen, a moist environment and where it’s dark. Cancer begin to feed on glucose and once it feeds on glucose it secretes lactic acid.

The liver reacts by turning this lactic acid back into glucose so you wind up with a nasty breeding cycle of cancer feeding itself inside you. In order to stop this cancer from growing any further you must change your body to an alkaline state, and make provision of high levels of oxygen to your tissues to where your body can cut off the supply of glucose to the tumor.

This is just one of the few solutions that can help you as an individual to make sure that your nervous system, digestive system, circulatory system, lymphatic system, endocrine system and elimination systems are all functioning together. The natural way.

Robotics In Medicine Improving Procedures And Reducing Costs

Find out how robotics is a rapidly expanding portion of medical treatments.

Robotics in medicine is producing great results in many ways, especially in the area of surgery. The term robotics means the use of a robot to perform various functions. A robot has movable physical structure, a power source, a sensor system, and a computerized brain to control activities.

Surgeons of the future will use robotics to perform surgical tasks. Robotics still requires the expertise of the surgeon to operate, but the instruments used by robotics improve the control, the precision, as well as often minimize the invasiveness of surgical procedures.

Robotics is being used for things like gall bladder surgery, endoscopy, and many other surgeries. Basically, here’s how robotics surgery works. The surgeon looks into a viewfinder to see images being sent by a camera that’s inside the patient. Images show the surgical site and the surgical instruments. Controls, much like a joystick are used by the surgeon to manipulate the instruments and perform the surgery.

Patients with robotics surgery have smaller incisions, shorter hospital stays, and normally faster recovery time. This reduces costs and gives the patient the ability to return to normal activities in a much shorter time span.

Surgical procedures aren’t the only place robotics can be used in medicine. Developers are continuously working on new ways to allow robotics to perform tasks. One area that’s especially promising in the control of disease and the prevention of diseases being spread. Areas that could be harmful for hospital personnel can be sterilized by using robotics. Some other types of procedures are sterilizing floors, delivering lab specimens, pulling patients on stretchers to rooms.

Advocates of using more robotics in medicine feel that the benefits far outweigh any negative constraints. However, in some instances the question of the patient’s emotional state has been questioned. Most people feel more secure when being transported by a human than having a robot transport them. There are other instances where human interaction can have a positive effect on the patient.

How far will the loss of human interaction go in the medical community? At this point, it seems there will be little attention paid to the humanistic side of using robotics in medicine. Obviously, in areas where the patient is virtually unaware, as during surgery, there is little reason not to employ robotics.

Best Treatment For Acne Scars

Acne breakouts is tough enough and there have been several new advances in science that have given you a wide range of treatments to cure acne severity. Depending on the severity of your acne, you may suffer from acne scars. What is acne scaring?

Acne scarring is often caused by inflamed lesions on the surface of the skin some of which are papule, pustule and cyst. The inflammation occurs when the follicle becomes full of excess oil, bacteria and dead skin tissue. With all this excess bacteria the pore swells and breaks at the follicle wall. The scar occurs when a deep rupture occurs at the surface of the skin and the infected material spills into the dermis which destroys healthy skin tissue.

Since you are now aware of how an acne scar can happen on the surface of the skin, there are some very good treatments for acne scars. Here is one of the best acne scar treatments that you can apply to cure the scar on the surface of your skin.

Cortisone and Fade Creams

Cortisone is used to decrease inflammation and flatten the acne occurrence on the skin. This can be applied even before the acne scar surfaces on the skin. Many people use cortisone because they are aware of how sensitive there skin is and take pre-active measures to calm down acne scaring. Secondly, fade creams which can be purchased at almost any drug stores will reduce acne scarring. These have become popular over the last few years because they do the job and are cheaper than a few years back.

Fade creams have ingredients like Kojic acid which is a skin ligtener. This lighter over the years has been derived from mushroom extract. Vitamin C and an ingredient called ascorbic acid can be used as alternatives since both can provide a lightening element to your skin.

Ascorbic acid however is used in more extreme cases because instead of lightening the skin around the effected area, it removes the layer of skin until the scar is removed from the surface. If you visit a doctor, they will most likely provide a prescription medication since they contain slightly higher levels of ascorbic acid and will do the trick a lot quicker. They maybe even provide a prescription depending on the severity of the scar on the skin tissue.

Keep in mind that some medications will work better than others and some may even show slight side effects. It is important to not stop short of curing your acne and to keep trying different medications until you find one that works. People have different levels of scarring and different levels of sensitivity on the skin. It is important to find something that works.

Photofacial – Anti-aging Skin Care Treatments For Removal Of Age Spots And Blood Vessels.

Photofacial treatments, skin care, also known as IPL, Intense Pulsed Light Abbreviation, are very effective, no downtime, safe methods for the removal of pigment, or brown spots and broken blood vessels or skin excess facial. brown spots, broken blood vessels around the nose, chin and cheeks are classic signs of sun damage and aging of facial skin. Brown spots, often called “age spots are caused by the pigment produced by the skin to protect skin from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. The new blood vessels grow into the skin in response to skin lesions, first to clear debris and later damaged skin to healing factors.

The aging of our skin, brown spots and broken blood vessels remain in the skin after injury or inflammation of the skin has passed. These pigmented spots and red veins varied to create an aged appearance to the skin of the face called dyschromia, and is a sign of facial aging. Photofacial treatments for skin care are the treatment of choice for benign pigmentation of the facial skin, age spots, brown spots and broken blood vessels and small red spots called telangiectasias on the face. Photofacial treatments are preferred to laser treatments for these specific pigment and vascular lesions.

What causes age spots, sun spots, red spots and broken blood vessels in the neck, face and neck?

brown spots and broken blood vessels around the nose, chin, cheeks, neck, hands and chest are classic signs of sun damage and aging skin. Brown spots, often called “age spots are caused by the pigment produced by the skin to protect skin from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. The new blood vessels grow into the skin in response to injury in the skin by the sun. This growth of new blood vessels is called inflammation.

The new blood vessels carry blood to the skin of the face first to clear debris damaged skin cells and then to bring in factors of skin healing.

The aging of our skin, brown spots and broken blood vessels remain in the skin after injury or inflammation of the skin has passed. These pigmented spots and red veins varied to create an aged appearance to the skin of the face called dyschromia, which is a sign of facial aging.

Photofacial treatments or skin care IPL treatments are the treatment of non-surgical skin care anti-aging of the election of benign pigmented facial skin, spots, brown spots and broken blood vessels, small red spots , called telangiectasia, in the face, hands, neck and chest. Photofacial treatments are preferred to laser treatments for these specific pigment and vascular lesions.

How does Intense Pulsed Light Photofacial or anti-aging non-surgical Skin Care work?

IPL Photofacial or anti-aging treatments skin care use a bright flash of visible light, as light of a camera flash to remove vessels and blood pigment of the skin non-surgically. This light shone down or is very different from a laser and in most cases, less powerful and less dangerous than the laser light.

I use a machine called IPL Photofacial IPL LuxGreen made by Palomar Medical Laser Company in Burlington, Massachusetts. Palomar is a leading manufacturer of aesthetic laser machines and light therapy in the world. The LuxGreen Photofacial Photofacial technology is the best I have ever used. The LuxGreen Photofacial IPL machine is very effective and is most comfortable for you the patient of any IPL device available.

Photofacial Skin Rejuvenation works by passing a beam of light shining through a filter that only allows a certain color of light on the flash to pass through the filter and press the skin. In the case of LuxGreen Photofacial, only light with a wavelength of 550 nm (nm = nanometer or billionth of a meter and measuring the wavelength of green light in the visible light spectrum) to pass through the filter of the IPL and hit the skin.

The IPL LuxGreen 550 nm light is selectively absorbed or absorbed by the pigment in brown age spot or dark reddish brown color of blood in a blood vessel. When light energy is absorbed Photofacial pigment or blood vessel, heat, light or IPL Photofacial ship destroys the blood pigment or by heating.

This process is called specific Photothermolysis. A specific goal, which is a color, heated (heat) with a light (photo) of the beam and dissolved or destroyed (lysis).

Using color filters placed in front of the intense pulsed light beam, a variety of colors can be let through to treat many different skin diseases, including hair removal (LuxRed), acne (LuxViolet ), and others.

What will my skin look like immediately after treatment Photofacial skin care?

Unlike lasers, which can cause skin to peel, and possibly scarring, the Green Lux IPL treatments are very gentle on the skin. The brown pigment spots or age spot darkens slightly, and blood vessels also treated to darken slightly. However, the skin is intact. The treated areas may also be slightly pink for a few hours.

Put ice or a cold in the treated area immediately and this can also make your skin pink. However, the color pink can be covered with makeup immediately. You can return to work. And his skin is almost normal the next day.

Do you have an intense pulsed light treatment Skin Care pain?

There is very little discomfort during an IPL treatment care. Anesthesia or anesthesia is not necessary. When the IPL flash reaches the skin that feels a little crunch or bite, but this is easily tolerated by my patients.

How many IPL Skin I need?

Usually, three treatments of IPL skin care space is required 4-5 weeks apart for best results. Multiple treatments are the prices for soft treatments are not painful and not damage the skin.

Technically sufficient energy can be used to remove the brown stain or blood vessel treatment, but this energy level would be painful, blistering skin, and possibly scarring. This is what happened to the old time of laser treatments and IPL is designed to remove new vessels and blood pigment without pain or scar mark left behind. To achieve this we need the extraction phase of 2-3 treatments 4-5 weeks apart. The results are well worth the wait.

How soon after Intense Pulsed Light My Skin Care Treatment Will I see a result?

In general, you will see the results of treatment of skin care IPL in 4-5 weeks. The brown stain or are gone and the red or blood vessels are significantly reduced. Some patients with thin and very light skin pigmentation or small broken blood vessels will complete removal after treatment.

However, most people see a definite improvement 5 weeks after IPL treatment and require two treatments for complete removal.

How many of Intense Pulsed Light Skin Care Treatments will I need?

If your skin is very thin right with minimal sun damage and pigment very light or very small blood vessels may require treatment only IPL. But most people need 3 treatments scheduled 4-5 weeks apart to obtain a complete result.

Who should I see my Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Treatment of Skin Care?

The best IPL machines are in the doctor’s office. IPL less powerful machines can be used in Spa, but the results are not as effective with these machines reduced. In my experience patients do not get the results they want in a spa, and often come to my office to repeat the treatment with IPL LuxGreen having already spent the money for IPL in a spa.

The other advantage of IPL treatment in a doctor’s office is that you be examined by a doctor can correctly diagnose the skin condition. Some brown lesions are dangerous and require medical evaluation and should not be treated with intense pulsed light. If you have rosacea or more blood vessels on the face, a different treatment is necessary. These are medical treatments and should be done in the doctor’s office. Your skin will be evaluated for more serious conditions of the skin, and receive more effective Intense Pulsed Light treatments for skin care.

Best Hair Salons In Dubai Beauty Salons In Uae Beauty Salons In Abu Dhabi

This is the era of competition and successful are those who stand out in the horde. In a society characterized by modern day mall culture, beauty is a key to standout in the crowd. Due to the changing environment, increasing pollution and change in eating habit and lifestyle, it has become immensely important to care for and maintain the beauty of an individual. There are various ways to maintain the beauty and looks of an individual which include usage of beauty and makeup products, changing the looks of hair or hair dressing, usage of technology such as plastic surgery, and traditional methods of maintaining beauty through beauty tips and therapies.

Proper hair dressing can give attractive looks to an individual. Across the UAE there are 36 unisex salons of which Dubai has 17 and Abu Dhabi has 10, 507 women’s salon of which 489 are located in Abu Dhabi alone whereas 14 are there in Dubai, 139 men’s salon which include 137 from Abu Dhabi and only two from Dubai. In the UAE, seven kids special salon exists only in Abu Dhabi. Among these salons, Fame Gents Saloon, Amro Salon, Salon Ink, Glamour Hair Salon, European Hair Care Studio, Beauty Power Beauty Center are the best ones. Furthermore, Charbel El Khoury, Joseph Ong, Abdul Rahman Zakaria, Tracy Dockery, Nicola Wilcox, Jacques Hanna, Uzma Khawajah, Maria Dowling, Vesna Ivetic and Tony Monares are the best hairdressers providing services in the UAE who can give you elegant looks. In addition to hair salons, there are five hair product distributors in Dubai and one in Sharjah.

Beauty can be maintained through beauty tips and therapies, but for this proper training should be taken prior implementing the tips or therapies. There are six beauty course or training providers, which include three institutes in Dubai namely Acadamie Esthetique FZ LLC, Zodiac Int Art Institute, and Parisa Beauty Center; two in Abu Dhabi namely Face & Eyes Beauty Training Center and Shahnaz Center; and one in Sharjah – the Mariot Beauty Arts Learning Institute.

Beauty products are widely available through distributors and retailers across the UAE. There are six, four in Abu Dhabi and one each in Dubai and Sharjah, cosmetics and make ups products distributers and 68 retailers for these products, of which 54 retailers are operational in Abu Dhabi, 13 in Dubai and one in Ajman. In addition, there are two beauty products or equipment retailers – Medica in Dubai and Mohd Shafi Saloon Equip Trading in Abu Dhabi. For perfume lovers, Barakat Perfumes is the distributer and YAS is the retailer of perfumes and both are operational from Dubai.

For those who want to enhance their looks and beauty through surgery, the UAE has world class plastic surgeon and beauty therapist. Gulf Plastic Surgery Center and Al Shunnar Plastic Surgery are two plastic surgery center located in Dubai. For skin treatment and enhancement, there are 46 skin clinics operational across the UAE equipped with world class facilities, technologies and techniques. Of the total skin clinics in the UAE, Dubai has 21 skin clinics, Sharjah has 11, Abu Dhabi has eight, Al Ain has three, Ras Al Khaimah has two and Fujairah has one.