The Sign of Cancer- 4th Holy Day of Christmas – December 29

The sign of Cancer – fourth Holy Day of the 12 Holy Days of Christmas is assigned to a Disciple, sign of the Zodiac, Spiritual attainment, Spiritual part of the physical body, and a passage from the Bible. My book “Christmas Meditations on the Twelve Holy Days December 26 – January 6” is a compilation of my 26 year dedication to these days. My book can be used all year as we travel through each sign of the Zodiac.

The sign of Cancer brings in the Summer Solstice. It is the time of year where we have the longest days and shortest nights. Its Spiritual keynote is Light. Cancer is a deeply mystical sign. It is the home of the Cosmic Mother. It rules the home and hearth. It is the Celestial home of the Cherubim, who guard the sacred places of Heaven and Earth. “As the sun reaches its highest ascension, the “Christ Spirit” ascends to the very throne of the Father.” (Corinne Heline)

The Disciple correlated with Cancer is Bartholomew, he is also known as Nathaniel. Before Jesus met him he saw him under a fig tree. Jesus called him and said, “Israelite…incapable of deceit.” Jesus also spoke to him saying, “Truly, truly, I tell you, you will see the heavens opened, and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of Man.” Bartholomew was present at the resurrection.

Charles Fillmore, founder of Unity Church, spoke about the Disciples and their respective Powers within the human body Temple in his book “The Twelve Powers of Man.” Fillmore assigns the power of “imagination” to Bartholomew. This power center is located in between the eyes. Jesus saw him in his “imagination” as sitting under the fig tree before he met him. Our center of imagination helps to create our lives with every thought. This center also brings us our dreams and the ability to interpret the symbols of what we are shown.

The Kabala says, “The all is mind. The universe is mental.” The outward forms we see were all first in the thoughts of each one of us. The Spiritual attainment for this time of year is “Transformation is levels of understanding – the soul reveals the truth.” The Spiritual body center for Cancer is the solar plexus. This has been called the Sun of the body, the seat of the Soul.

From my book 1997: “The soul is the record of all Earth and other planetary incarnations. It is our subconscious mind that is like the computer chip, recording all our experience. At each moment we have within all the necessary tools for enlightenment. For each task, a different quality is tested, a test of reason or the heart. Each circumstance is a revealer of truth, where we stand on the understanding of various spiritual virtues. Our hearts are examined to see how much we can love a situation or person. We are constantly tried on our knowledge of Universal Law, our willingness to cooperate with others, and our readiness to stay on ‘the path.'”

I was shown my Higher Self in a dream. It was at a time in my life that I was on a path of healing the past. She came to me and said, “Transformation is levels of understanding. I want to stay around and watch you transform.” She sang this to me while we danced, joyously around. There are so many levels of understanding. Like the proverbial onion that is peeled way to expose the heart. These layers eventually lead us to the Spirit within.

The Thought Meditation for Cancer, the fourth Holy day December 29, and the Universal focus for this time of year is, “But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another.” (John 1:7) Our lives can be a benediction to those we meet. As we begin to see that each person and every living thing is linked to us on a soul level. When we see the Unity in Spirit we can begin to have compassion for one another.

From my book 1997: “Are we helpless pawns in a mass hysteria of delusion, or are we in fact powerful beings of light caught in material form? Have we not chosen to be here during the most exciting and frightening time of our Gaia-Earth? Hold on to your hats, it might be a bumpy ride. Chaos! Do we have to have it all? Or is it just a shaking up, drowning out, firing up, spewing out, blowing apart, or freezing up of all that is dead, unkind, false, unrealistic, and trying.”There are two options. All of this means nothing, or, every mini second of time is God centered, God directed, and God loved.”

I choose to believe that we are always on the right track. We are always exactly where we need to be, no matter the appearance. We need everything that is happening to us in our present “level of understanding.”

Let us be able to see the fellowship that is intended to unite us as One People, with One God Goddess. Let our soul power of imagination let us see peace in our own lives and Peace On Our Beautiful Mother Earth.

copyright2009 Merry C. Battles

Merry C. Battles has worked in the healing arts since 1977. She has practiced the art of massage, Jin Shin Jyutsu (an ancient form of Japanese Acupressure), CranioSacral Therapy, Reiki, and foot reflexology. Merry is the author and illustrator of “Christmas Meditations on the Twelve Holy Days December 26-January 6” Merry’s book is a compilation of her 26 year meditation journey with the twelve holy days. Her book can be used all year as we travel through each sign of the Zodiac.

Merry has been a student of the ancient mysteries for as many years. Her greatest joy in life, along with her grandchildren, is to learn about the spiritual. This is reflected in all of her work.

Get Rid Of Acne Fast – Easy Way To Eradicate Pimples And Prevent Blemishes From Occurring!

Perhaps you have pondered strategies to prevent or slow down acne outbreaks, but have yet to be successful in this endeavor. The good news is that there is truly an easy method to get rid of acne fast, along with eliminating new blemishes from forming.

This article includes a variety of tips and hints to help you in your acne prevention endeavors. However, before we dive into this arena, I’m going to lay a little bit of a foundation as it relates to a few fundamental truths concerning this skin disease.

As you have probably already discovered, numerous acne treatment options have appeared on the acne eradication and prevention front. As an esthetician, I think I have had some involvement with just about everything on the market in order to try to help individuals eradicate his or her acne.

What I have concluded, is that the majority of quality acne treatment products do provide some degree of help or relief, however, the majority of these acne solutions do not factor in a person’s skin type.

For example, a person with oily acneic skin needs an entirely different treatment plan than a person with dry skin who has acne. This will certainly have an impact upon how a person’s skin responds or reacts to a product, along with the eventual outcome.

The bottom line in acne eradication and prevention is that there is no one-size fits all, so to speak. However, there are certain things that anyone can do who has acne, which will cause acneic skin to have a positive response regardless of your skin type and regardless of the severity of the acne.

Acne And Diet

The medical profession is slowly closing the loophole concerning the link between acne and diet. If what we consume can have a negative effect on the health of our body in terms of high cholesterol or heart disease, just to name a couple of health issues, then why would one think it has no bearing or contributes to the cause of acne. We are what we eat and a diet that consists of nothing but sugars, processed foods, soda, and junk food will eventually reflect a picture of ill-health.

Acne And Stress

There is a definite correlation between acne and stress, just as there is a correlation between your body’s health and stress. When the body is stressed, the adrenaline soars, which in turn can lead to acne outbreaks.

The jury is divided as to whether stress causes acne to occur, or if stress just makes existing acne worse. Either way it is not a good situation and the end result is an increase in the oil production, which ultimately clogs the pores and causes the breakouts.

Here are a few examples of stress, which results from emotional situations:

The death or health of a loved one.
Anxiety stemming from an upcoming test, job interview, wedding, or other big event.
Living in an abusive relationship.
Being overworked and under appreciated.

Here are a few examples of stress, which results from physical situations:

Lack of sleep.
Smoking or drug abuse.
Sedentary lifestyle – living the life of a slug.
Over-exercising. Too much of a good thing can have a negative impact.


Easily, if you are willing to make a few lifestyle changes.

Drink plenty of water to flush the body of toxins.
Eat a balanced diet consisting of lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, along with whole grains and healthy proteins.
Take a food-based multi-vitamin each day to insure your body receives the necessary nutrition it requires.
Get a minimum of 8 hours sleep each night, however, if your body requires more, then adjust your schedule in order to sleep longer.
Your body will purify and heal itself while sleeping. Strive to reduce and/or eliminate the stress in your life.
Strive to live a life of balance. For example, you don’t want to be sedentary, but at the same time, you don’t want to be exercising all day.
Kick the bad habits like smoking, drugs, and excess alcohol consumption.

The truth is, you can get rid of acne fast if you know exactly what to do. In addition to the above, check out the resource box below to learn how you can start getting control of your acne.

A Professional Answering Service Helps the Healthcare Profession to Enhance Efficiency

Patient care is of prime importance for all healthcare professionals and doctors. Their activities focus on providing constant attention to patients’ well being. If the job of attending inbound calls to a medical office or a doctor is assigned to a professional answering service, then doctors can pay more attention to their patients.

Overburdened Staff

A busy medical office receives hundreds of calls every day and every caller looks forward to personalized attention and immediate action. It is not practical to burden the reception staff with answering the diverse and innumerable calls which is a complex job and requires special training.

During the peak hours, holidays, or lunch breaks, answering calls becomes difficult and distractive for the substitute personnel who have to manage multiple tasks, affecting the nature and quality of responses. This can affect the image of the doctor or hospital.

Need for Such Services

The generic telephone answering services had lots of shortcomings. This was primarily due to the complex nature of the healthcare sector that needed professional and knowledgeable call agents. These call agents were required to understand the medical jargon or appreciate the significance of diverse protocols of various hospitals and answer the calls with compassion without breaching patients’ or doctors’ confidentiality.

The healthcare answering service industry has evolved to become an indispensable wing of healthcare sector by matching the above expectation and much more. The leading professional answering service providers have created benchmarks to make these services truly an extension of the front office of hospitals or clinics. They are serving doctors irrespective of their specialties by adapting to their individual requirements.

Professional Call Agents

The medical call agents that are employed by the healthcare answering service are thoroughly trained to understand the functions of medical offices, the medical jargon, medical emergencies, and individual protocols. They are also briefed about the HIPAA guidelines and other regulations. Their knowledge is regularly updated, and the calls are screened and reviewed in order to make any improvements in the quality.

Service with Dependability

These service providers are equipped with power back-ups to ensure round-the-clock seamless service. They use cutting-edge technologies to enhance call quality, for message recording, routing, and follow-up. They also have analysis and reporting tools to update you on how the calls of your office are managed.

These services will ensure that your patients will receive the same compassion and dependable service that your front office staff can provide. This will result in enhanced efficiency and flexibility. The value addition a professional answering service offers in terms of dependability, flexibility, privacy and security is much more than the actual costs.

If you are searching for the right professional answering service for your medical office, look no further. Cullens Communications is the top-notch healthcare answering service that renders real value to your patients and your practice. For more details Click Here

Heart Health And Clean Arteries- Part 1

One of the most important health issues I stress to my patients is creating, or maintaining, heart health. The best ways to ensure heart health and its all-important job of developing nourishing blood to every part of your body is to prevent plaque buildup and reduced blood flow in arteries. Diet, exercise, lifestyle changes, and certain supplements can work together to accomplish this goal!

In this first of a two-part series, I would like to explain to you a little about what coronary artery disease and blocked arteries can mean. Then well talk about the proactive things you can do to avoid these conditions naturally without drugs or surgery.

Part II will deal with a controversial subject chelation therapy. Chelation methods of detoxing arteries with natural supplements have been an alternative medicine approach to arterial plaque for several years now.

First I would like to give you a little background on coronary artery disease and arterial blockages, how they develop and how you can prevent them with diet, exercise and supplements and cut your risk for heart attack, stroke, drugs and by passes!

Coronary Artery Disease and Blocked Arteries

Many people do not realize they have coronary artery disease, or arterial plaque build-up, until they wind up in an emergency room with an attack of angina (heart pain), or a heart attack! Both can be caused by the arteries of the heart not getting enough blood, usually from plaque buildup.

It was previously thought that a high saturated fat diet was the primary cause of arterial plaque. However, the French Paradox came along and taught us that oxidation has a lot more to do with cholesterol turning into those arterial plaques and blockages.

You see, the French people eat a pretty high saturated fat diet but they also drink a lot of red wine! This led to the discovery of a very important chemical in red wine called resveratrol. This is a powerful anti-oxidant which helps keep cholesterol lipids in blood from oxidizing into those arterial clogging plaques. Cholesterol undergoes oxidation first before it hardens into plaque. Ensuring that we get enough anti-oxidants in our diet to prevent oxidation, then, is key!

Who Is At Risk?

As I tell my patients, there is no hard and fast picture of the person who will develop coronary artery disease. It depends on a few factors such as:

1. Do you eat an unhealthy diet low in vitamins/antioxidants?
2. Do you smoke?
3. Do you exercise regularly?

Prevent Blocked Arteries and Heart Disease

As I advise my patients, keeping your arteries flowing freely with low risk of heart disease involves a three-fold approach on your part. However, that effort will reward you with enough heart health and stamina to live your life to the fullest into old age! Lets look at what this entails:

Diet Arterial disease is not all about how much saturated fat you eat. Although I do recommend limiting saturated animal fat to 25-30 grams a day, I think it more important to prevent these fats from oxidizing and turning into plaque. Diets rich in anti-oxidants and polyphenols help dissolve saturated fats and stop oxidation. These include red wine, green apples, olive oil, oolong/green/white teas, Omega-3 rich nuts, coconut oils, apple cider vinegar. Add high fiber foods like beans, peas, whole grains, to absorb saturated fats and remove them through elimination before they enter the bloodstream as lipids.

Exercise Interval aerobic exercise, walking, running, bicycling, elliptical, stair stepper, treadmill, jumping rope, your choice. Interval exercise is warming up slowly for 10 minutes and then going at your capacity for 1-2 minutes then slowing down to a resting pace for 3 minutes and repeating for a set of 6 intervals. If you havent done aerobic exercise for a long while, do a slower warm-up, and try for half your capacity for 1 minute for 2 weeks. Slowly increase every week and build a higher capacity. This helps your heart adjust to sudden demanding loads. It also builds good HDL and lowers LDL (bad) choleserol and burns body fat. Also, 20 minutes 3 x a week of weight training. This creates muscle and burns fat even at rest.

Supplements 1,000 mg/daily Omega-3 fish and krill oils boost HDL and lower LDL cholesterol; 1-2 gm/daily of Vitamin C builds collagen which strengthens arterial walls. CoQ-10, 100 mg, is a crucial anti-oxidant that works with Vitamin E to attach to LDL cholesterol and prevent oxidation. As we age CoQ10 levels decrease so it is important to supplement them. Other powerful anti-oxidants include resveratrol (found in red wine, dark red grapes and berries), pomegranate juice, and green tea. Niacin (and other B vitamins) is also effective at reducing LDL and boosting HDL cholesterol, 1-3 gm/day. Chelation supplements which contain EDTA, and antioxidants, which well talk about in more detail in Part II.

Smoking Quit! Smokers are at much higher risk of developing arterial plaque because of the toxins in cigarette smoke which contribute to oxidation damage in your body.

There you have the basics of what I recommend to keep your arteries free from obstructing plaques and keep your heart from suffering serious, if not life-threatening, consequences.

Part II of this series on heart health deals with the pros and cons of removing existing arterial plaque from your arteries called chelation therapy which uses ingredients so safe theyre even in baby food! Meet me here next issue and learn about this drugless, surgery-free way to clean arteries and protect your heart!

Mark Rosenberg, M.D.
Institute For Healthy Aging

PRAI Beauty in Depth Review from Someone Who Didn’t Enroll

If you are currently looking for a way to make money from home with network marketing, you will need to listen to different companies and offers, before you decide. You can find multitude online sites about PRAI Beauty, nonetheless if you want to get the real picture, you would potentially like to know what an MLM expert who never enrolled with the company thinks about the products, features and benefits. Read on to get a honest review of PRAI Beauty.

What does PRAI Beauty do – The Products

The company is constructing and marketing high quality skin-care products and anti-aging serums, systems. It is one thing that is on demand today. There are different PRAI Beauty products, and with the ageing population in the Western countries, it seems like a worthwhile opportunity for network marketers. The systems and products are proven to work, and claim to rejuvenate the skin, whilst protecting it from the damage from pollution in the air. The bulk of the products are based on the special ingredient: Prai root, found in the jungles of Thailand.

Individuals behind PRAI Beauty

PRAI Beauty was set up by Cathy Kangas, in 1999. She is not only a terrific business woman, but also is an animal rights fighter. She made a pledge that her products would not be tested on animals, ever. And all the skincare products offered by PRAI Beauty are made of natural ingredients. The company has been building rapidly since then, thanks to the growing customer base, happy distributors and great customer service.

The Start-up Costs and Compensation Plan of PRAI Beauty

You will find that the start-up cost of the opportunity with PRAI Beauty is higher than other MLM skincare companies’. The reason is that the products are more expensive than regular products. You can earn different bonuses, as well as a commissions; yet the details of the PRAI Beauty compensation plan are not published on the main website. It only focuses on the products, therefore you will have to develop your own business online.

Training with PRAI Beauty

The marketing strategy training available for PRAI Beauty distributors is placed on an online model. The revolutionary PRAI Beauty MLM training is considered to be powerful, includes contacting friends and colleagues first.

Final Thoughts about PRAI Beauty

There are advantages and disadvantages of the product and company offer. First of all, the options for becoming a distributor are not clearly explained on the website, and PRAI Beauty leaves prospecting to representatives. However, the exclusivity of the products and the unique ingredients make the company attractive, and higher prices also mean bigger commission checks.

With this type of company and product line, you will get under way by contacting individuals in your immediate sphere of influence. Meaning your friends, family and anyone you know. Some individuals can become really successful with this game plan because they have developed many solid relationships with individuals who are business minded. However, I have found in my 10 years of experience in this industry, most people do not fit into this category. So if you do not have existing relationships with people who know, like and trust you with business decisions, it is essential that you reach outside of the people you already know.

You can do this in two separate ways. You can wander around in shopping malls, join local groups and public business functions to network with lots of individuals. This way you are taking your PRAI Beauty business to the people. This is sufficient for the right kind of person but can be highly time consuming and frustrating for most.

The other strategy is to have people coming to you with credit card in hand wanting to join with you in business. To develop your business using this method, it’s critical that you comprehend how to market and have a working knowledge of personal branding and lead generation. The skin care industry is extremely competitive with not only retail stores, infomercials and salons, but also countless other network marketing companies. With that said, it is vital that you differentiate yourself from the competition and focus your attention on the individuals who will be joining you in business rather than wasting your time on individuals with no intention of making money.

At the end of the day, your success in PRAI Beauty will be based on your ability to sponsor new individuals into your organization. Unfortunately, most reps won’t succeed because they lack the skills needed to sponsor 1 to 2 reps per day. To see how you can separate yourself from the competition, generate endless leads for FREE and make money even if a person doesn’t join your PRAI Beauty business, visit Scott Zlateff’s Online MLM Secrets to claim your FREE 6 Day PRAI Beauty training.