Fake & Unqualified Doctors Practicing Medicine

Need for Medical Verification

It is a much stated truism that nothing is sacred. However, it still comes as a shock to learn just how low people will stoop to make a buck or even plenty of bucks.

This piece is motivated by several recent news reports of people practicing medicine when they have absolutely no qualifications or training. These unqualified, untrained and unscrupulous persons are literally playing with peoples lives.

One sort of assumed that these criminal quacks were restricted to plying their unlicensed and illegal trade in the shady backstreets of our towns and cities. No more it seems. For these dangerous practitioners of medicine in their long white coats are striding the bright and shiny corridors of private hospitals.

A year old, and ongoing background screening and qualification, check launched by the Delhi Medical Council (DMC) has found quacks with fake degrees and false licences operating in many well-known hospitals in the city. They are handing out medical advice and prescriptions with all the aplomb of the real doctors.

These unqualified doctors are not stray and small in number. The Medical Council of India estimates, that in just the Delhi region alone, there are about 40,000 fake doctors. Now compare that number with 45,000 (DMC database), which is the number of genuine registered doctors. It is enough to make one sick at the thought of such a huge number of quacks operating with impunity and without conscience.

It is not a happy situation and one that looks like it will be with us for quite a while. Fortunately The Indian Medical Council and The Delhi Medical Council are aware of the problem and its numerous areas of impact. They are also doing everything possible to rectify the situation.

A Bitter Pill To Swallow The whole quack doctors and forged medical degrees state of affairs has a very real and unpleasant spill-over effect. Many of these doctors have been practicing for years and could very well be your trusted, friendly neighbourhood general physician. It leads one to be really, really nervous about our next doctors visit for a check-up.

After all, how do you and I tell the difference between a real and a fake medical certificate hanging in the consultation room? Who do we talk to if we want to confirm, if the doctor who is treating us, is really a doctor? Do we call up the Indian Medical Association? Should we be suspicious about a person, who has been medicating our illnesses and attending our pains and aches for ever so many years? Would it be a good thing to carry out background screening of our doctors? Can we ever be sure that the doctor treating us is not a fake one and is in fact a quack?

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The Beauty Of Curvy Girls

Curvy girls are girls who have some curves on them. This is usually considered a very attractive shape of the body. Curvy girls will attract men from all over due to their strong feminine features. Girls who are very skinny are not curvy. Bigger girls are usually with curves. The curves will be found around their waist and bottom as well as the upper body. Many girls have chosen to flaunt their curvy features as they take pride in what they have to offer. Beauty is sometimes very dynamic and, it occurs in many forms. Girls can choose to have curves and they can even create curves through the clothes they are wearing. To a woman, curves are very vital because they are the major different between the anatomy of a man and a woman. If you admire curvy girls, the good news is that you can explore your very own curves and manage to pull it off. The first thing that girls should know is that curves are very attractive. It is vital to keep this in mind because there are girls who do not like their curves. The other thing is to ensure that you show the curves in the best way possible. This can only be achieved by wearing the right cloths that flatter your figure.

You need to highlight curves so that the beauty can shine through. You should never wear clothes that are oversize. This is because you are going to hide your best features. Therefore, make sure that every cloth you get is fitting and tailored for you. A common mistake that girls make is wearing cloths that are too tight. There is a huge difference between fitting and tight. When you wear very tight clothing, you will feel uncomfortable. Never leave the house with cloths that you are not comfortable in. It is vital that when purchasing a dress or a skirt, you take the right measurements. Ask for professional advice. They will always lead you to the right direction. The same goes for your tops and blouses. They should never be too tight. The right fit or a slightly larger size is perfect. Another thing that a curvy girl should consider is the kind of styles you wear. There are certain styles that may make you look excellent and there are others that will suit other people better.

When it comes to fashion, you have to go with what looks best on you and not what you love most. Usually a third or fourth opinion never lies. When you buy clothes, make sure that you try them out in front of people so that they can review you. If you do not have curves, look for cloths that can create the impression of curves. These days, cloths do wonders and you will have the look you want. Above all, make sure you enjoy your curves and flaunt them at every opportunity. Apart from cloths, you can consult a nutritionist who will advise you on how you can achieve curvy body; you will also need to see a fitness expert. When you are on the healthy path to acquire or maintain your curves, you will be a very happy person.

Acne skincare starts with the essential fundamental thing – cleanliness

Pimples skincare Acne is defined because a diseased condition of your skin that involves the hair and additionally grease glands. It is characterised by acne pimples, black/white heads, reddishness and additionally cysts. Face acne can spoil the image to a great extent and additionally body acne can definitely hurt the day by making you really irritating. Considering acne as a minor problem, some people tend to totally dispose of the topic of -Acne skincare. However, the importance of -Acne skincare should not be undermined in any way. Acne skincare should start a lot right before the acne in fact appears. -Acne skincare is much more about being proactive when compared to reactive. Acne facial skin care is about being aware of precautionary measures. Acne skincare is – following daily skincare routines with complete discipline. So allow s take a look at just exactly how -acne skincare can feel applied to our businesses day to day activity. -Acne skincare starts with the essential fundamental thing – cleanliness. So morning showers are really the essential fundamental way of getting your skin nice and clean. In fact, a significant people take night showers also (which not only helps in getting your skin nice and clean but also offers relaxation to your body and allows a good sleep). If or when you are really residing in a hot and/or humid spot, an evening shower turns out to be a must. In reality, a bath is recommended after any activity that causes high amounts of sweat to build. Its a really effective -acne skincare techniques. However, acne skincare is certainly not regarding simply showers. Acne skincare is even regarding dressed in nice and clean clothes and sleeping on clean pillows. Furthermore, also tight clothing may cause sweat to accumulate quickly; so soft and also comfortable cotton garments are recommended, especially if you undoubtedly have acne. Inside the exact same good sense, -acne skincare also promotes regular cleaning of your make-up brush and also any sort of equipment which you utilize on your own body. Besides that, you will want to additionally make use of slight, water-soluble, oil-free and also soap-free cleanser for keeping your face, neck and additionally arms nice and clean. Cleansing is regarded as the important element of a acne skin care routine. Cleaners are really the simplest plus the best way of eliminating dirt, oil, by-products and additionally excess grease from your skin; thus reducing the likelihood of acne occurrence. Acne skincare also suggests eliminating the structure making use of a compensate remover, and additionally this excellent must result if your wanting to go to bed (not in the morning). Should you decide already have acne, do not attempt to touch them or perhaps fit them; it can lead to permanent marks. -Acne epidermis care promotes gentle cleansing and also cleaning of the affected area utilizing an non-prescription drugs and also a clean/soft cotton padding. There are really different acne facial skin care lotions and also lotions available non-prescription (a countless these acne skincare paint products are really actually cleansers). However, if our -acne skincare measures don’t give you the desired gains, contact a dermatologist for -acne skin care information and treatment.

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Beauty of Red in Bridal Wear

Hindu Weddings have always been the extravagant affairs, which contain functions that very last for many times. Witnessing a Hindu wedding and reception can be a sort of joy and enjoyable, as no other religion follows a series of such extended rituals. The arrangements and decorations are very eye-catching and flashy, and extra attention is provided on the ceremonies, rituals and a lot of other factors from the Hindu matrimony. Apart from the marriage ceremony arrangements, the matter that attracts most would be the attire of your bride and groom.

Everybody inside entire world likes to obtain a pretty and flamboyant wedding, and make expenditures at his or her amount greatest. The aim from the ceremony is groom and specifically bride, be it Hindu Matrimony or some other. Each bride just must glimpse great to the most significant working day of her existence, which is her marriage ceremony time of day. The look of bride specified extra interest, and almost everything from type, coloring, and design are chosen carefully, which may go well with her ideal.

A Hindu bride requires a minimum of 5 to ten outfits major approximately the marriage. Separate outfit for women’s sangeet, the mehndi ceremony, the haldi ceremony along with the wedding day day. Getting the edge of your changing tendencies of vogue within the Hindu matrimony, the Indian style sector is now making income in excess of the selections of folks.

The most well-known trousseau for the Hindu brides is saree, which seems extremely elegant and adds charm on the beauty from the bride. The Hindu brides in Northern India usually drape lovely silk and Benaresi sarees for their ceremony, while there is tradition of draping heavy Kanjivaram sarees in Southern India. Nevertheless, while using shifting trend traits, brides now enjoy to dress up in designer sarees and lehengas for his or her weddings.

Right now’s brides adore to experiment with their wedding and reception attire, and participate in with bright hues of another colors like pink, blue, yellow, inexperienced and so forth for his or her bridal put on. Even now the evergreen color for your bridal outfits is red; no other color can compete the gracefulness and charm of Red Indian bridal sarees or lehengas. Pink is considered very best bridal put on, and can go well with the newlyweds too.

Red keeps a exclusive site in the Hindu matrimony. The color of vermillion is crimson, the henna paints the palms and feet of the bride in crimson and as a result pink trousseau make the bride glimpse incredibly gorgeous. The color crimson defines the passion and warmth of your appreciate involving the few. Purple is considered as being a sacred colour in Hindu religion, and adds grace on the Indian women of any pores and skin color. The pink shade complements every jewellery, regardless of whether it really is silver, gold or diamond.

Comprehending the significance in the pink color from the costume of the Hindu bride, the designers are also creating their bridal creation in different hues of red. The industry is flooded with sarees and lehengas in stunning variations and designs.

These heavily made designer Indian bridal lehengas and sarees are complemented with wonderful blouses and jewellery. The blouses are readily available in several designs and designs, which include choli blouses, noodle straps, strapless blouses, short and extended cholis and a lot of people. The bridal put on also involves heavy dupatta or stoles, which may make the finish dress spectacular.

Nonetheless, what colour a bride would wear, is absolutely her unique decision, and occasionally rely upon the marriage theme. Nonetheless, the charm of purple is peculiar, and is the best and traditional alternative for the brides. It really is usually very good to stick to tradition, and dwell as much as the conventional beliefs. We can integrate the shifting tendencies within our life, but permit the wedding traditions in the Hindu matrimony stay as they’re being adopted.

Thyroid Cancer Treatment In India At Mumbai And Delhi At Low Cost.

Thyroid Cancer


Thyroid Cancer
Your thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland in your neck, just above your collarbone. It makes hormones that help the body work normally. Anyone can get cancer of the thyroid gland. But certain factors may increase the risk. These include
* Being between ages 25 and 65
* Being a woman
* Being Asian
* Having a family member who has had thyroid disease
* Having radiation treatments to your head or neck
You should see a doctor if you have a lump or swelling in your neck. Your doctor can order tests to see if you have cancer and, if so, which type. Treatment depends on the type and how far the cancer has spread. They include surgery, radioactive iodine, hormone treatment, radiation therapy or chemotherapy. Some patients receive a combination of treatments.

Thyroid Cancer Symptoms
Some of the symptoms that may point to thyroid cancer include the
following: –

* A lump, or nodule in the neck — especially in the front of the neck, in the area of the Adam’s apple. (Note: Sometimes, the lump or nodule will be growing quickly.) (Find out how to do a Thyroid Neck Check to look for lumps or enlargement.)
* Enlargement of the neck
* Enlarged lymph nodes in the neck
* Hoarseness, difficulty speaking normally, voice changes
* Difficulty swallowing, or a choking feeling
* Difficulty breathing
* Pain in the neck or throat, including pain from the neck to the ears
* Sensitivity in the neck — discomfort with neckties, turtlenecks, scarves, necklaces

* Persistent or chronic cough not due to allergies or illness

* Asymmetry in the thyroid (big nodule on one side, nothing on the other)

* Nodules that when manipulated give the impression that the entire thyroid is moving (this is often a sign of an aggressive cancer)

* Nodules that cause the wind pipe to go to one side of the neck, as well as cause superior vena cava syndrome

* Some particularly aggressive thyroid tumors can go to the brain and cause neurological symptoms

Types of thyroid cancer
The type of thyroid cancer determines treatment and prognosis. Types of thyroid cancer include: –
* Papillary thyroid cancer. The papillary type of thyroid cancer is the most common, making up about 80 percent of all thyroid cancer diagnoses. Papillary thyroid cancer can occur at any age, but is most commonly diagnosed in people ages 30 to 50.

* Follicular thyroid cancer. Follicular thyroid cancer also includes Hurthle cell cancer. Follicular thyroid cancer typically occurs in people older than 50.

* Medullary thyroid cancer. Medullary thyroid cancer may be associated with inherited genetic syndromes that include tumors in other glands. Most medullary thyroid cancers are sporadic, meaning they aren’t associated with inherited genetic syndromes.

* Anaplastic thyroid cancer. The anaplastic type of thyroid cancer is very rare, aggressive and very difficult to treat. Anaplastic thyroid cancer typically occurs in people age 60 or older.

* Thyroid lymphoma. Thyroid lymphoma begins in the immune system cells in the thyroid. Thyroid lymphoma is very rare. It occurs most often in adults age 70 or older.

Risk factors
Factors that may increase the risk of thyroid cancer include: –
* Exposure to high levels of radiation. Examples of high levels of radiation include those that come from radiation treatment to the head and neck and from fallout from nuclear accidents or weapons testing.
* Personal or family history of goiter. Goiter is a noncancerous enlargement of the thyroid.

* Certain inherited genetic syndromes. Genetic syndromes that increase the risk of thyroid cancer include familial medullary thyroid cancer, multiple endocrine neoplasia and familial adenomatous polyposis.

Exams and Tests
The diagnosis of thyroid cancer is usually established by examination of cells obtained from a fine-needle aspiration biopsy or a surgical biopsy of a thyroid nodule.

In a fine-needle aspiration biopsy, a thin needle is inserted through the skin into the thyroid nodule and cells are withdrawn into a syringe and sent to the laboratory for analysis by a pathologist.

Blood tests are generally not useful in determining whether a particular thyroid nodule is cancerous. Most patients with thyroid cancer have normal blood levels of thyroid hormones, including a thyrotropin (TSH) level.

Thyroid Cancer Treatment
Surgery to remove all cancer in the neck and any cancerous lymph nodes is the initial therapy for most thyroid cancers. Complications are rare when the procedure is performed by an experienced thyroid surgeon.

Radioactive Iodine
Radioactive Iodine using I-131 is typically used as a follow-up to surgery, or “adjuvant” treatment in papillary and follicular thyroid cancers. This treatment is usually given two to six weeks following thyroid surgery. It involves giving high doses of I-131 in a liquid or pill form. Patients undergoing this treatment must restrict their dietary intake of iodine for approximately five to14 days before the treatment and must restrict their contact with children and pregnant women for three to seven days after treatment. The goals of this treatment include destruction of any remaining thyroid tissue in the neck, a reduction in cancer recurrence rate, and improved survival.

Radiation treatment, known as external-beam radiation therapy, is used in patients with cancer that cannot be treated with surgery or is unresponsive to radioactive iodine, as well as for older patients with cancer that has distant spread. Radiation is sometimes combined with chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy is sometimes useful for progressive diseases unresponsive to radioactive iodine or radiation.

Clinical trials
Clinical trials are studies of new cancer treatments or new ways of using existing treatments. Enrolling in a clinical trial gives you the chance to try out the latest in cancer treatment options, but clinical trials can’t guarantee a cure. Ask your doctor whether you might be eligible to enroll in a clinical trial. Together you can discuss the benefits and risks of a trial and decide whether participating in a clinical trial is right for you.

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