A Quick Dental Equipment History

We have been relying mostly on latest dental equipment to solve any dental problems we have. But how did it all start since it is impossible to think that even during the ancient times, no one even had a toothache. Toothache is so common so how did those people from olden times take care of their dentures when they do not even have proper dental tools during those days.

It is believed that the dental equipment and procedures started way back during the times of the ancient Egyptians. Recent recoveries reviled pictures in wall carvings of dental forceps and ancient writings dedicated to dental pains. During the ancient Egyptians, dentists were regarded as important people. Discoveries also indicated of finding gold wire that was used to splint loose molars to adjacent teeth and skulls that have tiny holes drilled into the jaw bone, which also indicates the attempt relieve of pressure of a swollen tooth.

When it comes to ancient Greeks and ancient Romans they also had their own proofs of having their own dental equipment. Greeks used mint flavored toothpaste while the Roman was found using dental bridges using gold wires and ox bone. The Romans also made an impressive collection of dental fixtures using ivory, bone and boxwood and they implemented oral hygiene by recommending rinsing their mouth first thing in the morning.

Things finally changed after the Second World War and the very first highspeed handpiece was invented in 1957. This handpiece was made from the design of a basic foot treadle spinning wheel. Can you imagine how it was like during those years before the Second World War? Although ancient Egyptians, Greeks and the Romans all had their way of practicing dentistry, but it is still not clear if they shared each other’s knowledge when it comes to the dental practice. Most of the time, you may see an old movie depicting pain while a dentist is pulling the patient’s tooth since latest and reliable dental equipment was not yet invented.

The basic dental equipments only started during the late 18th century, but the use of dental chair and the development of it started during the 17th century. Although anesthetics may still be in progress at this time and the common filling for teeth is not mostly practice. What they mostly do is to just pull the tooth when it hurts. Probably this is the reason that most fear going to the dentist until now. Some patients these days are still afraid to visit their dental practitioners because of their fear of feeling pain when the dentists go his way and drill his teeth.

Thanks to the developments of dental manufacturers on dental equipment and dental products, most patients are turning out to be more confident to the ways of dentistry. While early dentistry may be a way for the rich especially during the ancient Egyptians reign, but this is not the case nowadays. Although some may still have difficulties in getting their needed dental treatment, but the access to dental health compared to ancient times is far, far better than before.