A Respiratory Exampromotes Safety In The Workplace

A recent innovation in workplace safety and health,for places where employees and other stakeholders are potentially susceptible to exposure to respiratory irritants and other issues, is an online expanded questionnaire designed to gather more information on certain health issues to better assess employee respiratory health. Through the early detection of minor symptoms, serious long-term health issues can be avoided.

Prior to the Internet and the availability of access to medical centers online, employees and other stakeholders who worked in an industrial environment that could cause respiratory health issues had to take time out from work to attend a medical practice for a respiratory exam. Invariably, this entailed lost time from work, which impinged on business operation. In some cases, employees also had to make a long journey to the nearest medical facility with the capability of extending examination facilities.

By utilizing an in-depth questionnaire aimed at recognizing the onset of symptoms associated with respiratory disease or distress that can be attributed to a working environment, qualified medical professionals are able to call in an employee or stakeholder for further and more detailed assessment and investigation if necessary. The questionnaire online is secure; at no time are any personal or pertinent details handed or communicated to an employer, and all information provided by way of answers to the questionnaire is confidential. Employer Health Services physicians and staff are the only personnel who have access to your answers.

If any flags are raised by any of the answers given in the online questionnaire, an electronic message will be sent to the manager or owner of the business involved,recommending an exam but your manager or boss will not be party to or given any medical information as to the reason a respiratory exam is necessary. If an exam is necessary, it will be arranged and paid by your employer.

At the Respirator Survey, employees and stakeholders who work in or are exposed to irritants that may cause health and respiratory issues, an online secure respiratory exam is key to catching any potential symptoms which may be undetectable to the untrained eye.