Acne Can Be Cured With These Secrets

There are many people who suffer from acne at some stage or other. This is normally the teenage years when the hormones are playing up, and many can still suffer for many years later. Suffering with acne may cause some to lose confidence as not everybody is sympathetic.

Of the hundreds of acne treatments available on the market today, few are suitable as many mane the problem worse. It is so severe that some lotions and ointments have worsened the problem by causing the acne to become very painful and some have even caused bleeding.

The secret to getting rid of acne is getting to the root of the problem. Finding out why the acne problem is so severe that it may never clear up is essential. Going out and buying hundreds of dollars worth of creams, lotions, pills and ointment is not the solution, as they will probably not work.

The root cause of acne is hormonal imbalance the more technical name is inflammation and this can be triggered by food. It is not to say all food is bad some balances the hormones while other food imbalances the hormones and this is where the problem can come from. To find the root cause is question your diet and find out which food could be irritating the condition.

The worst food to imbalance hormones (inflammation) is vegetable oil or cooking oil, often found in junk food like fries, potato chips, cookies and also sauces like pesto. To avoid vegetable oil, check the ingredients label for foods or any packets of food. After all, if it tastes greasy while you are eating something then it’s true to say this is going to come out as acne.

Cut out everything containing vegetable oil or anything fried in vegetable oil for a month or two and look what effect it has on your skin. A lot of people say that acne us incurable, that is not true. When you know what the cause is, and cut it out, acne is curable. Imagine, no more creams, lotions and pills and wasting money – these secrets will end this condition and build your self-esteem.

The next step to take is make sure to get lot’s of nutrients into the body. The body needs these to be able to function properly and nutrient deficiency is a common cause of acne. This problem can easily be solved over time by eating plenty of whole foods and vegetables on a daily basis.

These vitamins, minerals and enzymes are all vital in giving you a healthy clear skin. This will become noticeable after a considerable length of time. The other important rule while using the natural acne method is make sure to eliminate any fungi or yeast infections you might have. These infections can cause acne in people who are not prone to acne genetically. Through using commonsense regarding cleanliness and ensuring to eat the right foods, these are just a few secrets to eliminating acne.