Anti Aging Top Mistakes That Lead To Early Aging

Most of the people are afraid of early aging sings on their body. They use various anti aging products to prevent various aging signs like wrinkles, dry skin, lines on neck, etc., Before doing that, it is very imperative to have knowledge on few daily activities that make your skin age early. This article speaks on the top most mistakes that every individual commit and they should be avoided to prevent premature aging.

Warm Water

The most common wrong step that leads to aging is consuming water from warm tap. It is said that fifteen percent (15%) of lead comes from drinking water. The water that comes from tap contains more amount of lead which is due to pipes. This lead water cause severe damage to our brain cells and they even kill them which result in memory loss as well. One has to avoid such water from tap and it is recommended use cold water for drinking and cooking.

Energy Drinks

Most of the people are getting used to drinking various kinds of energy drinks to boost up their energy levels instantly. Research studies say that all these energy drinks damage the enamel coating on our teeth. Enamel is a white color coating on our teeth which protects from various infections. Drinking these energy drinks can ruin the covering and cause various dental issues. It is advised to use straw instead of drinking directly from the can.


Texting is the most common thing every mobile user does. For texting, you will obviously lean your head forward and look at the mobile to type the message. While you are performing this task, your neck undergoes severe stress as it has to bear your head weight which increases when you put forward. As it is not the right position, muscles of neck undergo severe stress and more you text, the greater your neck muscles pain.

Texting by leaning your head down leads to neck wrinkles. So it is advised to use lift your smart phone equal to your shoulder while texting or utilize talk-to-text application if available.

Moisturize Your Neck

Most of the people use various anti aging creams, sunscreen lotions on their face, but neglect their neck. Neglecting your neck leads to lines and wrinkles in early age. Experts say that you need to apply the same moisturizer or lotions for neck as well. The skin of neck is more thin and sensitive when compared to face. Ignoring this can lead to premature wrinkles on your neck.

Brushing Wet Hair

Most of the women commit this mistake again and again. When you are in a hurry to your job, you will brush your hair before it is dry. Brushing wet tresses lead follicles to break strands fall out. It is better not to brush tresses when they are wet and let them get dry by using a dry towel or hair dryer.

Bottom Line: The above discussed points are very common in both men and women. Avoiding these simple things can help prevent at least few premature aging sings on your body.