Are These The Causes For Sudden Acne Breakouts

Can acne be caused by the food we eat? It is suggested that sensitivity to progesterone can cause flare ups when certain products are consumed. The foods, such as dairy, organ meats and wheat germs are known to contain male hormones. Would these people need to avoid such foods for the rest of their lives?

Other possibly hazardous or potentially problem foods include several that are high in iodine – such as leafy veg like cabbage and spinach, peanuts and shellfish. The best way to determine what works well for helping manage your acne is to experiment with your diet – but only make small changes at a time, otherwise you won’t know which change had the impact. If a particular food makes your acne flare up, you’ll know to steer clear of it in the future.

If you have a special sensitivity to a food, small amounts of anything – even soft drinks, chocolates will not make a major difference.

One of the more widely spread (and often believed) myths about acne is that it is caused by dirt or grime. It’s more likely to be because of oily skin, in which case simply washing regularly with either a mild soap, special acne skin cleanser or even antiseptic soap and warm water can make a big difference to controlling and managing oily skin. And don’t forget to keep your hair clean – again, depending on your skin type, your hair can also become extreme oily if not cared for properly.

Acne comes second only to premature ageing in the charts for skin disease. If you are a sufferer you will likely be aware that flare ups will always occur before a special event. You can put all the blame on testosterone produced by the adrenal glands which are trying to help you deal with the stress of that interview, wedding or important presentation.

Don’t fret too much. Acne can be controlled if not cured. Most cases can be improved by over the counter concoctions but if your acne is severe you should see a qualified practitioner.

Another cause of acne could well be that you’re deficient in vitamin A, as this can lead to a host of skin related conditions, including acne. However, not all cases need a doctors attention – only you will know whether you need to seek the help of a physician. A small outbreak of pimples or minor blemishes can easily be treated by one of several topical acne treatments available from your local drug store. But get advice from the pharmacist as to which one will be best for you – and then stick with it for at least six weeks in order to give it chance to work.

There is acne surgery. It can open and clear blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and cysts. These blemishes could only be opened by a physician. Never scratch, pick or squeeze acne lesions; this will worsen the condition. Some pointers – do not use greasy or occlusive cream to cleanse your face which can clog the pores, soap and water are best Avoid creams with hormones or corticosteroids added, beware of huge doses of vitamin A-they can produce serious side effects.