Asian Beauty Secret Don’t Be The quiet Asian

The topic of Asian beauty is largely neglected in this day and age, with popular beauty sites all regurgitating the same generic beauty tips and tricks that, whilst sometimes helpful, are more often than not aimed at people of western/caucasian complexion and thus practically useless for an Asian girl or boy looking online for some secrets to spice up their appearance. Whether it be a male peacock’s feather display or a traditional Japanese geisha’s perfect physical presentation, it seems that life favors the beautiful. Accepting this, it is the intention of this article to come to the aid of Asians who for whatever reason, regardless of their actual attractiveness, have negative self perceptions and thus lack the neccessary confidence to even have a chance at appearing remotely attractive to the opposite sex.
Who am I to be giving Asian beauty advice you ask? A tall, drop dead gorgeous Asian beauty with long black hair, fair skin, and eyes that will give Scarlett Johansen a run for her money? No, guess again! I am a very average looking Asian girl who has managed to attract the attention of countless guys that she has liked over the years just by following a few very simple, easy to follow, and logical Asian beauty secrets.
Please don’t get the wrong idea, I am not trying to sell you a product about Asian beauty secrets. This list of Asian beauty tips is completely free and presented for you below. I sincerely hope that it improves the lives of as many Asian boys and girls around the world as we try our hardest to attract the attention of the boys / girls that we like. With that said, here are some lesser known Asian beauty secrets that, if you apply to your daily beauty routine, will dramatically improve your physical appearance.
Our Asian beauty secret for this article is: Confidence.
Heard it all before? Yes, well guess what? That does not matter. Please, for your sake, do not dismiss this as this is without a doubt the most important beauty secret that most of your average beauty web-sites overlook. This article will not only tell you why confidence is the most important Asian beauty secret, but will also explain exactly how to boost your confidence during interactions with the opposite sex.
Confidence. When you say something with confidence people will believe you, this is proven. The secret is, there is absolutely no difference when it comes to your physical appearance. You must hold yourself in a way that makes people think that you are 100% satisfied and comfortable with who you are – this is VERY attractive. Haven’t you ever been slightly attracted to someone who wasn’t really that physically attractive? Chances are that they had a great personality, and the main factor that makes up a “good personality” is confidence – which I might add, should not be confused with arrogance. Quiet confidence is our goal, and the trick here is to convey your confidence with calmness and contentment rather than with words.
Question: Why do unattractive people get attractive partners?
Money you say? NO! Confidence. If anything, money just fuels confidence and in turn this sets off a chain reaction of dramatically positive attributes that make people see you in a more beautiful light. This is why a person’s level of confidence is the #1 Asian beauty tip and considered by people in the Asian beauty industry as the most important.
But let us be realistic for one moment. Is it really fair to expect someone who has no confidence to suddenly change their whole persona and become a cool, calm, collected, and confident person? No.
A person’s confidence can been affected by a lot of things, and in this case it will most likely be affect by how they think society views their appearance from a superficial point of view. Therefore, it is important to see that no matter what the kind of situation you are in, and no matter how you are presented, 95% of the other people’s impressions of you will be influenced by the amount of confidence that you exude and the way in which you do so.
So, how do I exude confidence and not be classed “The Quiet Asian”?
Here is one of the most important lessons you will ever learn about Asian beauty – and ironically, it has nothing to do with how you look – that is, it goes beyond mere physical appearance. This lesson is rapport building.
What does this have to do with beauty you ask?
Several studies have shown that people feel more confident when they are in a social situation in which they are getting along with the people with who they are talking to. In turn, because of this increased confidence, they will appear more beautiful and attractive to the people with whom they interact. It is simple logic and it is the truth. In fact, the skill needed to get along with other people, i.e. rapport building, helps ensure success in almost every facet of life. In addition to you beauty pursuits, if your vocation depends on having interactions with people, managing them or depending on them, you will need almost definitely need this essential communication skill.
As mentioned above, we often refer to this interpersonal skill as rapport building, and having a good rapport with someone fosters the ideal conditions for a calm exchange of thoughts and ideas, and thus creating the initial building blocks of attraction.

Trust me, Asian beauty tips are all over the internet, but this one is the best you will ever come across, that I am sure of. Why? Because it has nothing to do with your physical appearance!
So, OK rapport building is the Asian beauty secret… How do I build rapport? Correct question!
The best way to build rapport, increase your confidence in social situations, and ultimately increase the level of attraction felt by the person with whom you interact, you must pay attention to this important Asian beauty technique: Mirroring. The fact of the matter is, we are more likely to like people that resemble ourselves. We tend to get on better with them, and as a result, communicate with them much more effectively. They, in turn, get to like us, and when people like us we are….??? More confident and therefore….??? Much more beautiful in the eyes of others. Asian Beauty Fact.
You can build rapport and thus increase your perceived beauty by mirroring in the following areas:
– Body posture and mannerisms
– Tone of voice and speed of speech.
– Breathing – a more subtle but powerful way to match someone
A few vital points about matching that are essential for completeness of our Asian beauty secret: It is firstly important to always keep in mind the importance of being subtle and respectful. The key here is to ensure that you do not abruptly change your posture, voice or gestures. In order for this Asian beauty tip to work you must ensure that any change is gradual. On thing you should avoid is attracting the other person’s attention by your body language. Instead, it is preferable if you help them to achieve rapport unconsciously. You will see this in their face as they start to see you in a more beautiful light. This is the cue for your confidence to rise, and then, like magic, you will appear radiant and beautiful. Sound like an over hyped Asian beauty secret that is unrealistic in real life. Nonsense.
People, I am an extremely average looking, and quiet, Asian girl. Over the years I have, like most people, had my crushes on guys who I thought were much more beautiful than myself and thus far out of the reach of an average girl like myself – yet I was able to build rapport with them using the above techniques and this in turn built my confidence up to a level where I was interacting with them very comfortably and in turn they became attracted to me – it really is that simple.
Having read countless Asian beauty books and websites, I am convinced that the best Asain beauty secret out there is confidence, and I sincerely hope that via this article I was able to convey to everyone some useful techniques to boost your confidence and, in turn, your perceived beauty.
Good luck all.