Available Acne Scar Remedies For Beauty Conscious People

If you are a beauty conscious person and suffering from acne scars on face, then you must be thinking hard to get rid of the scars on face.

Don’t get frustrated for having them on your skin. They are curable. You just need to treat them with right kind of acne scar remedies.

But do you know what options are available for you to solve this skin problem? If you don’t know, then this article will give you the basic idea about the available solutions for you to choose.

You need to have at least a basic knowledge about the available solutions of this problem.This will help you a lot to take your next actions into the right direction.

You are probably having acne scar on your skin for months or probably for years. So take some time more to increase your knowledge about the acne scar problem and it’s solutions.

Mild to moderate level of acne scar condition can be greatly improved. No one will be able to notice them clearly after treating them successfully.

Severe scarring condition also improves. But may take costlier treatments and longer period of time to get better results.

All the available acne scar remedies can be classified in the following 3 categories:

Drugs and commercial products
Treatments and procedures
Home made remedies

1) Drugs and commercial products

All the drugs and commercial products (either prescribed by a doctor or, over the counter) fall into this group.

Most of the drugs will need to be taken orally and most of the commercial products are of topical type. They can be purchased online or they can be purchased from shop.

The results will definitely vary depending on the condition of your acne scars and quality of the products. Many drugs may have side effects. So, ask a doctor before purchasing drugs.

Purchase a product from a good brand and which provides a money back guarantee. I think, the money back guarantee provides a sign of quality of the products you purchase.

2 Treatments and procedures

Only trained doctors & professionals have the expertise to do these treatments and procedures.

Overall cost of these treatments are comparatively higher than drugs and commercial products, because for each session you may have to pay higher amount of money.

Following are some widely known and used treatments for treating acne scars.

(a) Laser treatments

At present, laser treatment is the most widely known type of treatment for many type of skin problems. In this type of treatment a laser beam with tolerable intensity for skin is applied in acne scar effected area to cure them.

By taking laser treatments, many people have been cured. But there are also many incidents of making the problem worse with the laser treatments.

In my opinion, if you ever decide to take laser treatments, try to find an experienced and reputable doctor. It may cost higher but hopefully you will get better results.

(b) Dermabrasion and Microdermabrasion

The top layers of the acne scar affected area are exfoliated and removed over time with the help of these techniques.To perform the treatments special type of devices are used.

This exfoliation process fades the acne scars over time.

Among these two techniques, microdermabrasion is more gentle in nature compared to dermabrasion. Dermabrasion is more painful and require an intensive post operative care.

(c) Dermal filling

Special type of materials are used to fill the holes and lower areas created by acne scars. As a result, the skin looks smoother and scars become less visible.

This is a temporary type of solution. How long the fillers will be in intact condition will depend on the type of materials used as fillers.

(d) Punch grafting

In punch grafting technique skin grafts are taken from patient’s own skin with the help of specially designed equipments and after that, the vacant area of skin is filled with skin grafts.

(e) Punch excision

In case of excision technique, acne scars are removed from skin like grafting technique. But, instead of filling the vacant area with skin grafts, they are sutured.

3) Home made remedies

These remedies are prepared by the patients at home. In most cases, a mixture with the help of different materials is prepared.

Materials or items for this type of treatment, are found and kept in home for other purposes. Common type of materials used to prepare home made remedies are:

Some other ingredients found at home for household purposes

These mixtures are not very hard to prepare, but it will require time and self commitment to prepare them.

To get the best results with this type of treatment, you should know the exact amount, mixing procedure and mixing ratio of the items before preparing the mixtures.

Otherwise, you will end up in getting no result.

Not every of above mentioned remedies will be best for you if you consider price, time to get results and effectiveness. What is good for you may not be good for your friend.

There is much more to learn about acne scar remedies. You should give some time to yourself for that learning. If you don’t wanna spend time for self study, then you must visit a doctor. Hopefully she can help you to choose the best remedy for you.

Get more information about available acne scar remedies.Increase your knowledge and help yourself to find the best one for you.