Awareness On Cancer By Lavanya Ayurveda

Symptoms of Breast Cancer-
Before Cancer sets in the following symptoms appear on our body viz, hardening of breasts, formation of cysts on skin of breasts, change in their shape, formation of wound and, receding of the nipple inwards, bleeding from the breast and swelling in hands.
The method of self-examining for Breast Cancer.

1- First stand in front of the mirror at such a place as you can see your breast. Let your hands dangle downward as you stand focusing your sight on your breast.
2- Then you should keep your hands on your head.
3- Then you should raise your hands upward.
4- After thus, keep both your hands on.

While carrying out the entire above step your focus should be on both breasts. Now examine both breasts minutely. Notice if there is a difference in the shape of the breast. If you notice any change then you should immediately content a specialist.
5- Now lie down on your bed so that you may be able to see your breasts, for this you may place a cushion on the left portion of your back to enable you to see the left breast and keep the right hand palm on it and press the breast slowly downwards by the tips of your fingers.
6- Now feel the different spots of the breast by your finger tips in clock wise position, pressing the breast softly as your fingers move.
7- Examine the right breast in similar way.

Prevention from Breast Cancer-
Every young person man or woman should marry at the right age and the first child should be born before the age of 25 years. Women should make it a point that breast feeding of the child up to 6 months to 12 months is a must. Physical exercise should form regular part of the life style. Western food habits, especially fast food should be given up. Comfortable clothes should be worn. Every woman after the age of 40 years should get her mammography done. Birth control drugs should not be consumed for a very long period. Self examination of the breasts should be done every month.

Treatment of Breast Cancer through Ayurveda-
Modern Therapy has tried various methods to eradicate cancer but without success. Even today cancer is a incurable disease. But Ayurveda has an answer to the disease which has been eluding treatment so for.

Cancer is a disease arising from three doshas. It is caused due to an imbalance of Vata, Pitta and Kafa in human body. Breast Cancer is also caused by the imbalance of Vata, Pitta and Kafa. This leads to formation of a cyst culmination further into cancer. The following method of treatment is practiced by Lavanya Ayurvedic Hospital ( for curing cancer.
1- Panch Karma- Panch Karma is an important process in Ayurveda. In this process the body is purged of Breast cancer patient”s Vata, Pitta and Kafa are controlled by Snehan or massage, swedan or steam bath and by means of Shirodhara and Virechan.
2- Smoke Treatment- For getting rid of patients cancer Havan is performed in which the smoke arising from burning herbs. This leads to purging of toxic elements of the body. This therapy is quite effective.
3- Yukti Vyapashraya- By means of Yukti Vyapashraya dead cells are removed from the body. This is highly beneficial for the patients. Under Shaman therapy which is a process making use of diamonds and Pannas Bhasma and gold and silver bhasmas to root out cancer from the breasts.
4- Satvavajay- In this treatment consists in enhancing Satva qualities and a balance is brought with Tamas and Rajas qualities. And balance is set up in all the seven chakras within the body. Imbalance in chakras brings in a member of diseases. In Ayurveda a therapy to remove imbalance amongst chakras in adopted.
5- Deva Vyapasharya is one of the three methods practiced in Ayurveda. Under this the horoscope of the patient is studied by the astrologers to find out whether the cause lies in Kal Dosha. To remove Kal Dosha the following therapies are make use of.
a. Mantra- It is the sole means of communicating the heart”s desire to god. Correct pronunciation of the mantras leads to place-mental place. And the extremely incurable disease is also cured.
b. Astrological Support- Stars and planets control the movements of the universe. Adverse impact of the stars in the cause of diseases in individuals by the help of Ratnas and mantras the adverse impact is removed.
6- Rasa-Rasayan Treatment- To remove toxic elements from the basis of the patients of breast cancer, treatment by means of Rasa Rasayan is carried out. The patients body is made free from toxic elements, by means of these medicines.
a. Herbal Medicines- Allopathic medicines made of certain compounds use of which leads to several side effects. As against this Ayurvedic medicines are composed of the five basic elements that do not give rise to side effects and the almost incurable diseased allow gets cured.
b. Rasa- Rasayan Therapy- Human body is composed of mercury, copper, iron, zinc, sulpher, silver etc. When a deficiency of any of the above elements appears in the body. We become vulnerable to several fatal diseases. To supplement the deficit of these elements in the body. Rasa- Rasayan Therapy is used in Ayurveda which is most beneficial for the patient.

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