Beauty And The Geek Tommy Talks About learning How To Fish

When the fifth season of Beauty and the Geek finally came to a close earlier this month, Tommy and Amanda were a quarter of a million dollars richer after winning over Chris and Cara by a difference of one more contestant collected across the city. Reality News Online wasted little time in engaging Tommy Severo in conversation about the just-concluded season and his experience on it.

One-half of the winning tandem narrated how he came to be among the Geeks in the show, especially when he doesnt exactly fit into the stereotype.

Actually, the show chose me. I happened to be in the right place at the right time, Tommy recalled. A film was being shot at my law school last fall and they needed people to play extras. After sitting in the background all day, I was approached by one of the producers from the film who apparently noticed my geeky style, formal speech, and awkward interactions with some of the female cast members. Once he found out I was also a student at the law school, he got me to come in for an audition.

Though recruited purely by accident, Tommy remains thankful for the experience of being on Beauty and the Geek, citing the most obvious of perks among the top reasons.

“I am truly grateful for having had this wonderful experience…I was certainly fortunate enough to have had a great deal more female attention than I was used to receiving in my everyday life,” he said. “Having had little experience with that kind of interaction, it was easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of emotions, but I kept reminding myself that the girls were there to teach me how to get dates, not to be my dates. Its the old ‘give-a-man-a-fish/teach-a-man-to-fish’ thing.”

And that, folks, is as geeky as Tommy can get the heart and soul of Beauty and the Geek in a nutshell.