Beauty Of Hair, Agony Of Hair Loss

We are never able to quench the thirst for our beauty. Long, beautiful hair plays a pivotal role in our looks. How often do you pass by a mirror or even a car window that reflects your image and you wait for a couple of seconds to see how you are looking. So naturally your attention is first and foremost snatched by your hair. And unconsciously your hand moves to your head and your fingers try to settle the scattered trails of your hair locks. It is so reflexive, so accustomed.

The very new hair style that is endorsed by a celebrity in a super hit occasion or a movie is the first thing that you want to adapt from the star. But a wise, little voice in your head warns you not to apply too much of chemicals on your head. In the rush to get a fabulous hair colour or spikes which design your hair style, you should be aware that anything beyond the line of limit is injurious. Isnt there a fear that one day when you stop by at the car or in a store in front of the mirror, looking at yourself and instinctively your hand would want to feel your hair; your fingers would get nothing but a clean surface? Baldness is something that no one would wish for; of course except for the people who have hair growth but want to put a style statement. Any way the baldness due to hair loss is an agony that people want to obviously circumvent.

Ironically, taking care of your hair involves dire need of shampoos and conditioners and many other products which are indeed chemicals. Use of these products is a two way sword; it has its consequential benefits and significant risks. The chemicals can neither be avoided nor be over used. Everything ultimately comes down to balance. And unfortunately, like every other part of our body, even hair goes through inevitable changes, both visible and invisible. On the other hand we are fortunate that growing dominance of science over every area of life supports us in handling the fundamental changes. The problems cannot be ignored but they have alternate solutions, thanks to the innovative mind of man and the discovery of technology.

Prevention is any way better than cure. Take care of your hair without being careless. Today you say- well see when time comes and tomorrow the time will come, it definitely will. So its better to be prepared. Keep your hair clean. Consult a specialist in the initial stages of problem itself like dandruff and hair fall. Have a balanced, vitamin rich diet to make your hair healthy. And when nothing works and life shows you terrible hair loss, we have options like hair transplant, wigs, hair re-growth treatment, hair implant surgery and the list goes on. Everything has its pros and cons. Treatment is subjected to specific cases.

There are no problems without a solution.