Beauty Pageants For College Students an Illusive Stage-00-1168

As the Super Girls and other contests took storm in China, Chinese people seem to show greater zeal in all kinds of pageants. Surprisingly,college students are becoming the pillars of these competitions. We strongly oppose the opinion of the beauty pageants’ entering into colleges.

Taking the similar contests Super Girls as an example, girls scrammed into it with little consideration, only to find frustration and perplexity with grief tears. The only few who succeeded now are still entangled and at a loss .We could hear constant complaints or conflicts between the entertain company and the rising singers and enormous scandals. As far as I know, Li Yuchun, Zhang Hanyun, who are harmed by the profound impact, claimed to go back to classes again.

That is the very point. What is the task of college students ? Definitely they are supposed to further their study! Are there any parents willing to spend a large sum of money on classes their children would never have? Furthermore, the number of successful students through contests are so small that the overwhelming majority students are just sacrifices for the merchants. Have you ever given a thought to the future of those college students? They are extremely popular for the moment, therefore they issue their albums taking advantage of the tremendous fame. Then what? Several years later, when they use up all their talents or when they are old and are replaced by other beauties, they become ordinary people again and even worse, since they exchange their golden time for study for meaningless showing of their immature skills. They are not so gifted as their classmates!How could they compete with the others in the cruel society? The once Lady of the World Li Bing told reporters, “Beauty pageants is only a process in life, you still have to work hard.” The splendor in gowns under colourful lights will fade anyway. The illusive stage will surely disappear. While the beauty of the soft power, namely, your intelligence and knowledge will last forever.

Worse still, it may contribute to unhealthy belief towards money worship and opportunism .Other students may think the rising stars are even not so intelligent than I am, she could succeed easily by her voice or beauty in appearance, why couldn’t I ? Perhaps I can do even better than her. There’s the shotcut to success, why should I still work so industriously with little rewarding? Hence, the overnight fame attracts thousands of students. Do you think it’s still a good thing for them to achieve popularity overleaping hard work? Or they attach excessive importance to beauty outside while ignore beauty in heart. According to a survey, about 46% students think education is of no use and it’s better for them to marry a wealthy person and the most important criteria in society is beauty. So can you imagine what colleges will be like? Students talk about make-up all day and they walk out just like pop stars? They compare with the others in clothes rather than in study. Then what will become of them? Beautiful vases with little capability?The recent Guangzhou college students beauty pageants has aroused heated discussion. The so-called theme of good personality combining with beauty of “Top Girls” still turned out to be mock, that is, beauty in appearance was the prime importance.

Certainly it will do great harm to the educational system. The traditional value of no pains ,no gains will be challenged since students couldn’t calm down themselves to academic study. What’s the purpose of the tertiary education? It’s just for students to be more professtioned in their field and develop the skills for society. So with all the beauty pageants, it visualizes quality of a college student rather than value the intention of quality. How awuful!What will become of the future of a nation with no strong belief in culture? Although the theme of beauty pageants seems beneficial to college students and society, can anyone guarantee there’s no scheme? Their privacy is threatened and merchants take advantage of their fame to make money for them regardless of their rights. College students are innocent and victims to be involved in those things.

Concerning with parents, it’s a waste of their bloody money. For most parents in China, it’s not an easy task to support a child to college. Will they be happy to throw money on an unpredictable meaningless pageant doing more harm rather than benefit to their children? Of course not!

All in all, beauty pageants only an illusive stage, so we believe that beauty pageants do more harm than good to college students. So we shouldn’t encourage college students to participate in these kinds of contests.