Breast Cancer An Avoidable Tragedy

Women, PLEASE be alert to anything that is not normal with your breasts, and be persistent in getting help as soon as possible”. A sad but timely message from a lady who died 2 months ago.She had developed a rash on her breast, similar to that of young mothers who are nursing.Since her mammogram had been clear, the doctor treated her with antibiotics for infections. After 2 rounds, it continued to get worse, so her doctor sent her for another mammogram. A biopsy found a fast growing malignancy. Chemo was started in order to shrink the growth; then a mastectomy was performed; then a full round of Chemo; then radiation.. After about 9 months of intense treatment, she was given a clean bill of health.

She had one year of living each day to its fullest. Then the cancer returned to the liver area. She took treatment and decided that she wanted quality of life, not the after effects of Chemo. After a few days on morphine, she died. In the message she left behind she wrote “If this had been diagnosed as breast cancer in the beginning, perhaps it would not have spread”. Paget’s Disease, as diagnosed late in her case, is a rare form of breast cancer, and is on the outside of the breast, on the nipple and aureole It appears as a rash, which later became a lesion with a crusty outer edge. No one ever suspects it to be breast cancer. The nipple never seems any different, but the rash can be irritating. Sometimes, it itches and is sore, but other than that it is’nt bothersome. It is ugly and a nuisance, and can not be cleared up with all the creams prescribed and though doctors are concerned they generally don’t declare it cancerous.

You must learn what the underlying causes of cancer really are, and what to do to counteract those causes, including effective actions that you can take to defeat cancer, and equally important, to keep it from coming back. This information applies to all types of cancer-because the fundamental causes of cancers are the same. It is not that all cancers have the same cause. They don’t. Early breast cancer usually does not cause symptoms. This is why regular breast exams are important.

Now, I suspect not many women out there know a lesion or rash on the nipple or aureole can be breast cancer. Sometime it starts out as a single red pimple on the aureole. One of the biggest problems with Paget’s disease of the nipple is that the symptoms appear to be harmless. It is frequently thought to be a skin inflammation or infection, leading to unfortunate delays in detection and care.

In this Guide we’ve collected the often confusing and overwhelming amount of information on natural cancer treatments, and condensed it into one easy-to-read report. Better still, we’ve rated many different supplements and therapies for their cancer fighting ability. So that you don’t waste money on supplements that aren’t as good as they sound. This is information your doctor can’t tell you or doesn’t know. For example, you’ll learn about a 14-month informal study of one type of supplement where 51 out of 65 patients with stage 4 cancer became cancer-free when they added it to whatever they were doing.

In the US alone 1500 women die of breast cancer every day and over the course of a lifetime, 12% of all women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. There are certain risk factors you cannot change. But your best protection still remains in living a simple lifestyle that includes eating the right foods, exercise regularly, watch your consumption of alcohol, and for goodness sake, give up smoking.Take the right steps now, and you will find your life will have more meaning and be more fruitful for you.

And remember, despite all misconceptions, breast cancer is dangerous but it can be fully cured if caught in time.

R.P.Bhalla is a retired airline captain and wild life enthusiast. Based on extensive research he writes regularly on Health and Relationship issues.