Breast Cancer How Often Should You Do A Self-exam.

One of the most prominent cases of cancer in women, which we hear today, is breast cancer. Cases of breast cancer have increased at an alarming rate and therefore, it is very important that we know the exact signs and symptoms of breast cancer. Women are the worst victims of this breast cancer, but men are also reported to suffer from this deadly disease.

Breast cancer can be cured in cases when women catch that they are having breast cancer in very early stages when the cancer is unable to reach the lymph nodes. In fact, 80% of all the women suffering from breast cancer are fully cured and they enjoy life as a normal person provided they are treated in the early stages of breast cancer.

Catch the Disease at an Early Stage

The best way to survive from cases of breast cancer is to catch it early on. For this, a woman should regularly perform breast self-exam of her breasts. This helps in finding and detecting breast cancer in the early stages ensuring that with proper treatment, it can be cured. A woman should perform self-exam of her breast regularly, so that she knows how her breasts normally feel. She can easily locate, if there is any sort of change in the anatomy of her breasts in future. This helps in improving the chances for her survival and eliminating the risks of breast cancer.

Consult Your Physician Immediately

As soon as you notices change in your breasts by performing self-exam, you should immediately contact your general physician or healthcare provider. Although most lumps or breast changes are found to be non-cancerous, such preventive measures can help you in determining the exact reason behind the abnormality of your breasts.

Fix a Time for Self-Exam

Every woman should conduct regular self-exam of her breasts. It is recommended that she does it every month and particularly after a few days before her period ends. This is because during that particular time, a womans breast is found to be less swollen or tender. Doctors also say that a woman should perform self-exam of her breast at the same time of every month, so that she notices exact changes.

Symptoms to Watch Out For

While performing a self-exam of your breasts, you should immediately contact your doctor if you notice any sort of abnormal lump. Again, you should consult them if any of your breasts shows some other symptoms like nipple retraction or skin irritation, skin dimpling & skin irritation, watery discharge from the nipple and redness on the breast skin or nipple.

Benefits of Regular Self-Exam

Regular self-exam ensures that a breast cancer is found early and there are more treatment choices for the affected person. Woman having breast cancer in the early stages have a better chance of recovery, as the cancer is unable to affect the lymph nodes.

It is very important that every woman perform regular self-exam of her breasts, so that the breast cancer can be detected and treated as early as possible.

To Your Health!

Mango Cures Breast Cancer

A recent research says, that mango is a potent preventive and cure for breast cancer.
Laboratory tests conducted, revealed that the fruit is loaded with polyphenols. Polyphenols are anti-oxidants that are free radical scavengers and destroyers and promote health.
The efficacy of these polyphenols was assessed in patients suffering from breast cancer. Results of the clinical trial demonstrated that the polyphenols showed noteworthy and significant beneficial effects on breast cancers.

Susanne Talcott and her husband Steve conducted the clinical trials and investigations.

Management of breast cancer

The preliminary step towards the management of breast cancer is to understand the causative and risk factors and steadily avoiding them. A family history of breast cancer, dietary errors, obesity, poor or no physical activity are strong contributing factors leading to the development of breast tumors.
The next vital step, is a dietary and lifestyle overhaul. Eliminating certain foods from the diet such as trans fats, animal fats, saturated fats, refined and processed foods, and alcohol, has a significant prophylactic effect. Also, as much as possible, limit your exposure to environmental carcinogens like second hand cigarette smoke, pollutants, and pesticides.
Augment your intake of foods that are nutrient dense and packed with anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants are free radical hunters and destroyers. They counteract the lethal effects of free radicals and stave off the development of cancers, by preventing damage to the DNA.

The early detection of carcinoma breast is the key to the management. The American cancer society makes certain recommendations for the early detection of breast cancer for women in the age group of 20 to 39, and for women who are over 40 years.

Angel MedFlight Supports Relay For Life In Fight Against Cancer

Angel MedFlight, the leading air ambulance service, has a special bond with cancer patients, often transporting them to facilities to undergo treatment and specialized care. We see it as one of many ways to help fight this terrible disease. Another is becoming involved with the American Cancer Society and sponsoring events like their Relay for Life in Anthem, Ariz., which takes place this weekend. Mike Chartrand is the chairman for this year’s Relay for Life in Anthem and a 21-year cancer survivor. “Angel MedFlight is an awesome weapon to have in the fight against cancer, ” says Chartand. “It’s great that Angel MedFlight is able to transport patients when time is of the essence.” The Relay for Life in Anthem will be held Saturday, April 20 at the Community Softball Fields. It’s an organized overnight community fundraising walk which includes teams of people camping out around a track or path. Members of teams each take turns walking around the track. The event also includes snacks, games and activities. Saturday’s event kicks off with an opening ceremony at 6:00 p.m. and then a Survivor’s Lap 30 minutes later as cancer survivors, including Mike, take the first lap around the track cheered on by other participants. Mike takes part in the Relay for Life every year with his niece, Kaly — also a cancer survivor. Kaly was diagnosed with retinoblastoma at 10 months and it was shortly after that Mike walked in his first relay. Doctors removed the affected eye but Mike says Kaly never had to go through chemotherapy or radiation treatments. He’s happy to report his 7-year-old niece is in full remission saying says she lives like a normal kid, and then some. “She’s a ball of fire,” says Mike. Karynda Kearns recently moved to Anthem and will be walking in the relay for the first time. Both she and her husband Brandon, Flight Operations Director at Aviation West Charters, have been touched by the disease. Both have had grandmothers survive breast cancer. “This relay is for such a great cause,” says Karynda. ” I know of at least two people fighting cancer in the community and it’s great to see the people rally around them and show them they’re not alone in this battle.” Chartrand says Saturday’s Relay for Life “is a celebration of the folks who are currently fighting cancer, the survivors and it’s also a time to remember those who have passed.” He says it’s great to see the whole community come out to find a cure, realizing that everyone has that same common goal. As a Gold member sponsor of Anthem’s Relay for Life, Angel MedFlight is proud to stand with the American Cancer Society in its quest to find a cure.

Vaccines and canine cancer

There is a great deal of controversy when it comes to the use of vaccines in puppies and full-grown dogs. In fact, many experts believe that vaccines can lead to dog cancer. Of course, we all know that vaccines offer puppies immunity against a wide variety of diseases. Further, most veterinarians vaccinate their own pets. Would they do that it vaccines were truly toxic? The answer to this question is up for debate.

Recent studies have indicated that vaccinations can cause puppies to develop antibodies that actually fight beneficial elements in their own bodies, including their DNA. Of course, damage to these vital parts of the body can potentially lead to dog cancer. Other studies have shown that dogs can get cancer at the actual site of the vaccination injection. This fact is also true for cats as well.

While most veterinarians advocate vaccines for dogs and cats, those who practice alternative medicine are far less likely to recommend vaccines. For example, homeopathic doctors do not recommend vaccinations for dogs. They believe that the harm these shots can cause, as far as causing dog cancer and other diseases, far outweigh any potential benefits.

Vaccinations are intended to stimulate the immune system. However, they can also confuse the body. As a result, the body can overact to harmless substances too. Many doctors believe that in the end vaccines create more issues than they actually prevent.

Of course, the law requires vaccines. Further, if you want to board your animals during a vacation, most kennels will require proof of these vaccinations. When it comes to dogs and vaccines, you are somewhat between a rock and hard place. As a pet owner, you have the responsibility to keep your dog as healthy as possible, and obviously making a decision that could lead to dog cancer is the last thing that you would want to do.

Holistic doctors generally recommend that if you absolutely must give your animals vaccines, you should do so in a careful and deliberate manner. Many will advocate giving initial vaccines to puppies, but then to skip giving vaccines to adult dogs. Evidence points to the fact that yearly vaccines can lead to dog cancer. According to many experts, they are truly not necessary.

Additionally holistic veterinarians recommend skipping vaccinating animals when they are already stressed out. Also vaccinations in conjunction with surgery are to be avoided. It is also important to avoid giving dogs different vaccinations at the same time.

The topic of vaccinations for dogs is one that is a subject of increasing debate. There is unlikely to be one simple answer anytime soon. As a pet owner, however, you can definitely talk to multiple veterinarians and find out various opinions. Educating yourself on this topic can help you raise a healthy pet who is free of dog cancer or any other diseases. is one of the leading canine cancer center for dog cancer treatment. We provide the latest technology of cancer care that remains your dog happy and healthy.

January 2011 love forecast for Cancer-Astrology predictions 2011

January will be more vibrant than you ever wanted. With the Sun (until 20), Mars (until 15) and Mercury (from 14) in your solar seventh House, you should not have a complaint, unless you belong to the second ten days. Either way though, your concern for your mates will be increased, you will have the desire to improve your relationship, but it should not be a selfish move, believing that you possess the absolute truth. Favorable days for chats – hugs and kisses among you will be the first week. From 15th onwards the bond holders(married) will have ups and downs, which might be due to economic reasons. !2th and 26th of this month might be critical and somewhat difficult.

If your partner is

If Aries is born in the second ten days, will have many troubles with the job, try not to add other.

Taurus- Gradually becomes very erotic and possessive.

Gemini- The first half of the month will show you something interesting about your relationship and they will be more possessive, even jealous.

Cancer says if something has run its course, then say goodbye to it instead of crawling behind it. Life goes on.

Leo The first week will show more positive elements may then be absorbed by the job. After 20th will begin to shift his interest in you again.

Scorpio may likely feel that the most important problem is your provocative behavior. If you are under the same roof, you will have enough opportunities to sort it out.

Sagittarius This month will be very unselfish and dative to you, although probably quite curious.

Capricorn- Height and depth of the relationship depends on the foundations you lay.

Aquarius- Aquarius will be more consistent this January. They will probably have many water sign features that will bring you closer.

Pisces- The balance in your daily workload and his own aspirations for the job and the opportunity to chat without the tensions will comprise the month of January. Future of your relationship will be determined by this month.


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