Bec5 Curaderm Cream To Treat Skin Cancer And Sun Damage

Bec5 Curaderm cream is a topical cream designed and developed for the treatment of any kind of sun damage including skin cancer. Composed of a specially formulated purified plant extract from the Solanum Sodomaeum, the so-called Devil’s apple- which is found in the Australasia region and extract, known as Solasodine Glycosides, found in the eggplant and aubergine, curaderm cream for skin cancer is the most effective cream available to treat any kind of sun damage.

Discovered by scientist Bill E. Cham, Bec5 cream has been clinically found to effectively treat non-melanoma skin cancers, specifically, Basal cell carcinomas (BCC) and Squamous cell carcinomas (SCC) along with treating all signs and kinds of sun damage and benign tumors such as Keratoses, keratoacanthomas, sun spots and age spots. Also featured on the Dr Oz show, BEC5 Curaderm cream for skin cancer was propounded by the well known health and fitness guru, Dr. Mercola for effectively treating skin cancer without surgery.

Bec 5 curaderm cream – a well known age spots cream and sun spot creams has been estimated be used by over 80,000 people for treating and regressing their non melanoma skin cancers. The number is still growing given the skin cream’s effectiveness and people’s urge to go for non invasive option for the treatment of their skin cancer treatment and other skin ailments caused due to the damaging effect of sun rays.

In a clinical study involving 72 patients, treatment with BEC5 cream resulted in the regression of all treated lesions (56 actinic keratoses, 39 BCCs and 29 SCCs), with 100% healed after 1 to 13 weeks of treatment. Apart from this, as per the latest research and trial work carried in 10 of the famous UK hospitals, has found that when curaderm cream for skin cancer applied religiously on the affected areas of BCC patients two times a day over a period of 8 weeks, completely cured 78% of the patients.

The remaining 22% of patients had also improved but needed a marginally longer treatment time of 13 weeks. All this was facilitated without chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery. Dermatologists Royal London Hospital have cited Bec5’s efficacy as -safe and effective’ and -an ideal therapy for outpatient treatment.’ However, patients need to be patient with the treatment as they can find initial reddening and worsening of the area, which will only desist with time and is a sign that the cream is working.

Recommended use is twice daily on the affected area, once the skin has been cleansed first. Bec5 side effects are limited to this skin reddening, possible skin ulceration while the process takes place.

Breast Cancer And The Benefits Of Liquid Kelp.

Seaweed studies released have proven conclusively that those who follow a regimen of eating raw kelp or ingesting natural kelp extracts, notice a definite reduction of times they’ve caught a cold or flu virus. The natural health benefit of kelp has also proven to reduce the amount of time the symptoms of the cold or flu virus remained with the test patient.

A range of mineral content will fortify osseous tissue, teeth and nails and is an anti-ageing revitalizer, providing more elasticity for your face and body. A wonderful act of Nature has provided the amazing health benefits of Liquid Kelp we have now. Yet additional kelp health benefits come from distilling these essential minerals extracted from Natures Ocean Grass Digitata Laminaria, also known as Sea Kelp. This extraction method releases vitamins & minerals from unavailable, inorganic essences into natural minerals which can be assimilated easily providing a definite health benefit.

Two important factors that contribute to Liquid Kelp Health Benefits are:

1- Journal of Nutrition February 2005

2- Wellness and Beauty Secrets, Pyramid 1970

Breast Cancer: The Connection of Iodine, Thyroid Problems altered by Kelp Health Benefits. Breast cancer is one of the most familiar health risks women face, that can see a kelp health benefit. Mortality rates have not changed significantly since records started to be kept in the 1920s. Surgery, chemotherapy, mammography, and radiation have not altered the mortality rate. Eighty five percent of women who develop breast cancer will die of causes directly related to breast cancer. (Source: Dr. David Derry)

Dr. Derrys hypotheses of kelp health benefits, are founded on extended studies of published medical papers in conjunction with his experience as a clinician, and are not just his opinions. Studies are currently underway involving the effects of organic iodine from kelp on cancer prevention and reduction – several studies are exhibiting very positive Kelp Health Benefits of natural kelp products. Because breast cancer rates worldwide carry on to increasing, more people are interested in early intervention or prevention.

Dr. Derry advises maintaining our natural immune system with small-scale daily dosages of naturally ocurring iodine from kelp, and improving metabolous wellness by renormalising suitable thyroid levels, capitalising on natures Kelp Health Benefits.

FORGOTTEN KELP HEALTH BENEFITS In February of this year health researchers at UCLA Berkeley(1), called for a dramatic increase in scientific research into kelp health benefits after Discovering that a diet containing kelp may decrease the risk of estrogen-dependent Diseases in humans, such as breast cancer”