Natural Heart Disease Risk Reduction, Weight Loss

You can group cardiovascular disease into diverse groups.Some of these elements are not variant, like the inherited factors, as well as the factors connected to age and gender. There are other elements which are just as noteworthy, and perhaps more self-destructive, and these factors can interpose in the process of ameliorating your health.I am here accosting lifestyle factors, smoking, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, a lack of exercise and obesity, as well as others..

Prior to starting up any diet or exercise syllabus, and I demand to be clear here, everyone needs to consult a physician, in order to ensure their capacities for physical exertion, and set up demarcations thereto.In addition, in order to find a fitting diet for your body type, I must accent the importance of the advice of a nutritionist. So, the message is established, think of your wellness now, do not forget to see your doctor. We are approaching obesity as a disease, as played off to a aesthetic circumstance, it is a global problem with people today. The presence of obesity leads in a more size able chance of heart disease or stroke, even given the absence of other risk elements. Obesity pressures the heart to run harder, as well as being identified in affiliation to coronary disease, high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure.

What can a person do, to counterbalance the position, when obesity is existing situation?As previously mentioned we should cover obesity as a disease and as one of the components that step-up the number of deaths from cardiovascular diseases. The same as any other disease, the original step towards remedy is the admittance of illness, look for medical care. After this gear up your life for a heartily diet, in conjunction with a daily routine of physical exercises that will render physical well being and augmented emotional balance on a daily basis.

And what is the solution? The first course of action is to combat risk factors with all plausible exertion.

I recommend following these 4 tips put forward by Isabel De Los Rios.

1. Quit Smoking. The practice of tobacco for smoking has been celebrated as a fundamental factor in heart disease, to a large extent due to chemical additives (not that I am suggesting the use of tobacco).The peril of a heart attack in a smoker is two times steeper than in a non-smoker. The presence of passive inhalation of tobacco also exposes individuals to a higher relative incidence of cardiovascular disease.There is evidence that smoking increases the levels of LDL (bad cholesterol) and depresses HDL (good cholesterol), accelerating the onset of atherosclerosis. That is, smoking is also directly contributing for the accumulation of fat in the walls of coronary arteries, bearing on the heart and blood vessels. The evidence has demonstrated that a person who is already inclined to high rates of cholesterol is increasing his/her risk of heart disease by smoking.

2. Walk, walk, walk. If getting time for a integrated exercise curriculum is just too much of a challenge right now, just start by walking. I have known many people who Have strengthened and reversed their severe heart conditions by getting outside and walking. If you can, find a scenic route there’s nothing more quieting than the outdoors. (I highly advocate whistling and singing while you walk. It creates for happy thoughts).

3. Calm down. By this I mean, do not stress about matters you do not Have to, or have command over.The most affirmative thing I did, other than eat healthy food, was to relax, and increase the playfulness.

4. Don’t start, again, don’t start a low fat diet.You can exacerbate a bad condition with misguided effort.Get rid of the saturated fats (hydrogenated oil and the like problematic oil in French fries and donuts) and eat heart-healthy fat, like coconut oil, olive oil, walnuts and whole eggs. And at the risk of sounding redundant, before you begin any program, consult your dietitian, and your MD. Good health! For further information on our programs, please Visit Us @ EliKen Health,.

Three Easy Things That A Bodybuilder Must Do To Prevent Heart Disease


FISH OIL THE ARTERIAL CLEANER Fish Oil is the first powerhouse in keeping the bodybuilder safe from heart disease. Many bodybuilders that use illegal anabolic steroids, but even standard natural bodybuilders should consider supplements that will spare them the heart disease associated with higher blood pressure. Anabolic steroids could possibly alter lipid profiles, so it is even more important for people using steroids to maintain safe lipid levels and blood pressure. Fish Oil contains two main ingredients; DHA and EPA. These omega-3 fatty acids docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) have a multitude of health benefits for the bodybuilder specifically, including increased fat burning and improved sugar metabolism, which are good for obvious reasons. In addition, EPA and DHA decrease the effect of genes involved in fat storage which helps maintain lean mass while bulking. They also down-regulate genes involved in inflammation, which is an important marker of long term health. In fact I also take a baby aspirin per day to keep the damaging effects of inflammation at bay. EPA/DHA have been shown to reduce the risk of stroke and sudden death along with improving blood lipid profiles by increasing the beneficial HDL cholesterol and slightly reducing the damaging LDL cholesterol. All of these things are great for the bodybuilder who is using steroids/prosteroids and important for bodybuilders of any variety that want to maintain maximum health and vitality. Fish oil is a great source for anti-inflammatory prostaglandins and is implicated in the reduction of bowel disorders and cancer of the bowel, which is of importance to anyone who is concerned about health. Colon cancer is a very common form of cancer that affects millions of people. Fish oil causes a reduction in platelet aggregation and stickiness which reduces arterial inflammation is good for everyone, including the bodybuilder, but especially one who takes anabolic steroids or the pro-steroids found on the market (which are steroids by the way). Finally, fish oil have been shown to reduce liver tumor metastasis and formation, which is a good thing for people that chronically take anabolic steroids. I take 4-6 fish oil capsules per day in divided doses as a way to increase the positive effects of a healthy diet and keep blood lipids in check.

MAGNESIUM: THE COFACTOR FOR HEART HEALTH MAY MAKE CREATINE PERFORM BETTER Magnesium is a very important mineral that is almost lost in our refined and cleaned water supply. This simple mineral has the power to save lives and increase the effectiveness of your creatine supplements and it is cheap and available in safe over the counter supplements! So why arent we taking Magnesium? Low magnesium has been linked to increased risks for sudden death, high blood pressure, type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The average American is not even close to the lowest RDA dose of 420mg. Remember the RDA is the ABSOUTE MINIMUM needed to prevent diseases, not the OPTIMAL dose. I take 1000mg of Magnesium Oxide per day as a way to supplement my diet. Unless you eat a diet VERY high in vegetables, you are probably running on the low side of magnesium. Running low on minerals is like running your car with only 1 quart of oil in it. It might still get you around, but your chances of failure are higher than if you dont run ar optimal fluid levels! With magnesium being so inexpensive, you cant afford to miss this crucial mineral in your supplement plan. (oh, plan on getting a bottle for your mom & dad if you want to help them prevent heart disease and type II diabetes…I have a bottle for mom and dad). Good magnesium intake is associated with improved insulin sensitivity, optimal lipoprotein levels, suppression of abnormal heart rhythms, reduced blood pressure, headache relief, and improved exercise capability. Magnesium can also augment your use of creatine by helping the cells take in more creatine via increased membrane permeability and osmotic factors. Magnesium can also reduce lactic acid in the cells, making it essential prior to a heavy training session if you want to squeeze the most out of each workout. Magnesium is very hard to get in the diet, so dont skimp on the MgO!

WHY BODYBUILDERS SHOULD GIVE BLOOD! Bloodbanks are often low in this country and it is a great idea to give blood, it could help save your life and the lives of many people in need, but is there more benefit to giving blood other than doing the public good? Yes, it seems that giving blood for men could also save your life lessen the effects of the bodybuilding lifestyle. Men have a higher incidence of heart disease and congestive heart failure than women and one of the possible causes is the higher blood iron levels found in men. Giving blood at least once a year is a way to reduce these harmful levels of blood iron. Bodybuilders specifically have a tendency to have high blood iron levels due to their consumption of meat products as a way to get increased protein. One of the reason for mens version of multi-vitamins is the difference in need for iron between men and women. You will find many of the mens formulas do not contain iron supplementations due to the implications on heart disease. Men and women with a genetic abnormality that have slightly higher iron levels were found to have over two times as much chance of developing cardiovascular disease. Also, a Finnish study showed that men who give blood at least once a year had an 88% reduced risk of heart attacks. With bodybuilders relying on lean red meat to supply increased protein, the need to give blood is even more substantial! There is no negative to donating blood and the potential health benefits could be amazing! So, take advantage of your local blood drive to do yourself and your community some good! Tell your friends and family to do themselves a favor and donate blood at least once a year to maintain good heart health! One last positive benefit of giving blood is that you are screened for almost every blood born pathogen which is a positive side benefit!

This article does not constitute medical advice. Check with your physician before starting any supplement program.

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How to reduce your risk for Heart Disease the Natural Way

Are you one of the millions of people that is suffering from heart disease or even worse? Have already experienced a heart attack.

These days its difficult not to meet someone who is either suffering from heart disease, has had a heart attack or has been told they are at risk for heart disease. Its just about as common as meeting someone with brown hair. Unfortunately, the media and even many well-meaning doctors are completely misinformed on how to tackle this growing epidemic. Its the number one killer in the US and plaguing many other countries as well.

What are we to do?

The best plan of attack is to combat the risk factors the best we can.

Use the following 5 tips to get you started on a heart healthy plan:

1. Drop the smokes. Yes, smoking has been shown to be one of the biggest risk factors in heart disease, mainly because of all the toxic chemicals added to cigarettes (not that Im recommending tobacco or anything.)

2. Walk, walk, walk. If finding time for a structured exercise program is just too much of a challenge right now, just start by walking. I have known many people who have strengthened their heart and reversed severe conditions by getting outside and walking. If you can, find a scenic route. Theres

nothing more calming than the outdoors. (I highly recommend whistling and singing while you walk. It makes for happy thoughts.)

3. Calm down. By this I mean, dont stress about the stuff you dont have to. This is actually a very funny statement coming from me who used to stress about everything! Deadlines, laundry, work, family you name it, I stressed about. Not until I realized that this would kill me no matter how healthy my food was did I drop the stress and pick up the laughter. Right now as I write this newsletter, Ive got more things that need to get done today than are humanly possible. My reaction “Haha..better put my Superwoman shirt on”

4. Do not and I repeat, do not go on a low-fat diet. Your heart condition may get worse in your attempts. Drop the bad fats (like hydrogenated oil and the nasty oil in French fries and donuts) and start eating more healthy fats like coconut oil, olive oil, salmon, walnuts and whole organic eggs.

5. Do not be afraid to eat saturated fat. If read “The Truth About Saturated Fat” in The Diet Solution Program you know that eating saturated fats is not what is causing people to get heart disease. It is processed foods, sugars and an overabundance of refined carbohydrates that is making this country so sick. The whole saturated fats topic gets me so fired up, I even made a video to further inform you check it out here:

What about Heart Disease and Cardiomyopathy

Well since we are back on the topic of heart disease, since it is the number one killer of mankind in the world, I thought it might be beneficial if I shared some important information about heart disease and cardiomyopthy. What is Cardiomyopathy? It is called by most ” heart muscle disease ” but can be related to any disease of the heart. As a rule of thumb it is usually referred to as ” severe myocardial disease “. It means your heart muscle is not pumping as it should be due to both internal and external forces. What are some of these external and internal forces that bring it about you may ask? Good Question. Here are some causes of Heart Disease.

Alcoholism or severe use of alcohol, prescription drugs as well as other drugs and smoking are three of the largest external forces that are causes of heart disease. On the other hand the most common cause of heart failure internally speaking is ischemia. What is that you may ask? It is a restriction of blood supply to the heart. Yes the heart muscle is the strongest muscle in the human body, but it needs fuel as all other muscles do. A lack of blood supply leads to a lack of oxygen, glucose and other blood fuels needed to fuel the pumping action of the heart. If you dont put gas in your car its simple the car wont go anywhere, will it? The same is with the Heart Muscle, it needs fuel. The following is a list of internal variables that may cause Cardiomyopathy.

Some causes of Cardiomyopathy are:

Atherosclerosis: which are lipid-laden plaques obstructing the lumen of the arteries.

Hypoglycemia: which is a lower than normal level of glucose.

Tachycardia: which is an abnormal rapid beating of the heart.

Hypotension: low blood pressure, e.g. in septic shock, heart failure.

Thromboembolism: which are blood clots.

Now I want to talk about a trace mineral that is very important to start getting into your diet and that is Selenium. Selenium is one of the most important trace minerals needed for the heart, to keep it pumping properly and well fed so that you may live an active life to be free of a Heart Attack, prevent heart disease and heal from a Stroke. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine published 2006,” it was hypothesized that low selenium concentrations are associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and that selenium supplements help prevent coronary heart disease.” Have you suffered from a Stroke? Then please just continue to read on.

Now I want to get off topic for a moment and give some interesting case studies to bring home the importance of selenium in your diet. I dont know if you have ever heard of a man named Stewart Berger. In regards to health and nutrition he wrote 5 best selling books on diet and nutrition. He got his degree from Tuft Medical School in Boston and he is most noted for ” The Southhampton Diet for Weight Loss “, ” Forever Young”, ” 20 Years Younger in 20 Weeks” and ” How to be your own Nutritionist ” and guess what. He died at the age of 40 of Cardiomyopathy. What was he lacking in his diet? Selenium, that is what he was deficient in.

Admonition To Myself 11-hour Workdays Boost Heart Disease Risk.

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Actung! I am writing this article for myself and for the legions of ultra-busy people who work 11 hours a day or more. We are the people who keep the world going but to be able to do so, we need to stay healthy and alive.

On April 6, 2011 Bloomberg News reported that were at risk and need to take immediate action to minimize the problem.

The facts.

Adults who worked 11 hours a day or more had a 67 percent higher risk of developing coronary heart disease than those who worked eight hours, a study in the Annals of Internal Medicine reported (April 5, 2011). The researchers also found that by adding working hours to a standard heart attack risk assessment model, they could increase the accuracy of heart disease predictions by 5 percent.

Heart disease, the nations leading killer.

According to the National Institutes of Health, heart disease is the nations leading killer. More and more people succumb to it because more and more people are working more and more hours, making ours the least leisured generation ever, the one with the greatest challenges and risks.

Remarks by Mike Kivimaki, project lead researcher.

Current evidence on coronary heart disease prevention emphasizes the importance of focusing on the total risk rather than single risk factors. People who work long hours should be particularly careful in following healthy diets, exercising sufficiently, and keeping their blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and blood glucose within healthy limits, said project director Kivimaki.

Srihari Naidu, director of the Cardiac Catheteriization Laboratory at Winthrop University Hospital, Mineola, New York, said these data show that how people live their stress levels, sleeping, eating, and exercise habits can affect their risks for heart disease. The choices we make in our lifestyle may have consequences, Naidu said.

Study details.

The research followed 7,095 civil service workers in London who were ages 39 to 62 at the start of the trial. They were screened for heart disease every five years. The study found that 192 people developed heart disease over 12.3 years of follow up. Those who worked 10 hours a day had a 45 percent higher risk of heart disease than those who worked seven to eight hours.

Self-Talk for myself.

If youre one of those people who work 10 hours plus a day, listen up. Im one of you. and like you I need to take such warnings with more seriousness. So, for me, for you, Ive created a list which I intend to keep right next to my computer. You should, too.

1) Dont ignore this warning, the way youve ignored previous warnings.

Youre no spring chicken; youre getting older and if you want to get older still, dont just read these survey results LIVE THEM!

The plain fact is, researchers have known for a long while the risk factors causing heart disease. Youve seen, what, a few dozen warnings and managed to ignore most of them, not the least of which comes from your physician as he urges you for the umteenth time to stop smoking.

Personal note: I dont smoke cigarettes, never have. Thats a must for all those who value life over nicotine.

2) Get up and boogie.

I spend my entire, extended work day at the computer. To force myself to get up, I keep a list of peppy, jump-up music readily at hand. Who doesnt want to get up and boogie when the song is Michael Jacksons Dont stop til you get enough. or any other lively number that gets more than your feet moving.

Music on jump up and move that body.

Okay, so youre not Fred Astaire. So what? Exercise and its benefits are for the do-er, not the watcher and its your heart we want to keep in tip-top shape.

3) Walk.

Make it a point to walk, briskly too, at least 40 minutes a day.

Walk, too, every other chance you can to the post office, the barber, to the local cinema. You know the advantages of walking; youve known them all your life. Now decide to do something. Leave the car at home and walk.

4) Eat small portions more often.

The obesity phenomenon which was once pretty much an American affair has gone universal with a vengeance. Heart disease and excess pounds are, we know, related. But you can start solving this problem today by eating more often throughout the day but eating less.

Here, too, I bet you already know what to do. you just arent doing it. So, vow to make changes now, exchanging those high sugar, high salt, high fat foods for celery and company.

Get over the giving up mentality. Replace with the heres what Im getting mentality. What you get here is plain: more of the distinctly limited time which is the most important thing you can get. Getting more time is the absolutely essential thing, and you have it within your power to get more of it.

Now for strictly work-related observations.

There are many reasons for working 10 hours a day or more. You might have hefty bills to pay and need the extra bucks. You might like the finer things of life. You might think yourself, and actually be, indispensable to your business. You might even be one of those who works hard to avoid the turbulence of unceasing family problems. Whatever your reason enough is enough.

1) Review what you do, everything you do. What is essential and what merely desirable? Its time to find and jettison what you can. Put your daily work life and activities under a microscope and scrutinize closely.

2) Got people who can help? Learn to delegate. No, these people will NEVER be as good at what you do as you are but theyre there and good enough to assist. Besides, they can learn. Cutting back on one task or another may give them the chance to show what they can do to help you even more.

3) Ask yourself how much good you really do in your 10th or 11th hour on the job, where the principle of diminishing returns applies.

Can you legitimately postpone a task until tomorrow? Is the physical price you pay, the extra fatigue, not to mention cumulative health risks worth overworking today when it could easily be done, and freshly so, tomorrow?

You determine your fate.

The ancient Greeks believed that Clotho spun the thread of life from her distaff onto her spindle; Lachesis measured the thread of life with her rod, and Athropos cut of the thread of life and chose the manner of a persons death.

Now you have replaced them all how much of life, even the matter of your death, is at the very least influenced by you. I want more of it and I now vow to do everything to lengthen my thread, not curtail it. Will you join me? Lach haim.

* * * * *
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