Dc-cik Cell Immunotherapy Can Prevent Advanced Lung Cancer Metastasis

If the treatment is surgery, patients with advanced lung cancer can not be effectively treated, also can not inhibit tumor recurrence and metastasis. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy not suitable for advanced lung cancer patients, especially elderly patients. Emergence of drug resistance in patients, Patients with normal immune function has been greatly damaged, etc. DC-CIK cell immunotherapy can prevent recurrence and metastasis in advanced lung cancer.

Smoking is the major cause of lung cancer in adults. Lung cancer is the most common primary malignant tumor of the lung, Most lung cancer against bronchial epithelial. Therefore, it is also called lung cancer. The mortality of lung cancer is the leading mortality in all kinds of malignant tumour, whose major reasons is that the lung cancer easily occurs metastasis. Early detection of lung tumors may be able to decrease the mortality rate, and screening trials have been conducted. The Identification and selection of Advanced lung cancer treatment is the key to improve survival in patients. Comprehensive treatment is recommended for advanced lung cancer. DC-CIK cell immunotherapy to remove residual cancer cells in the body, Scientists are studying immunotherapy, a type of treatment that boosts the body’s natural defenses. DC-CIK cell immunotherapy without side effects. DC and CIK are two important parts of lung cancer immune therapy. DC can identify the antigen, activate acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. CIK secrete Cytokines and to kill tumor cells in breast cancer. The therapy can significantly inhibit the growth of breast tumor cell, and help the body to restore immune system. DC-CIK cell immunotherapy will kill the cancer cells precisely and does not harm healthy immune system. It can better alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy to ensure the smooth progress of chemotherapy, and makes white blood cells quantity to increase, and energy The enhancement white blood cell bites the fungus ability. Immune was improved, pain was reduced, kills and inhibits cancer cell spread effectively. if patients received DC-CIK cell immunotherapy in or after chemotherapy for lung cancer, Can significantly improved effectiveness of chemotherapy.

Traditional chemotherapy for lung cancer is not suitable for elderly patients, To fight the disease, doctors recommended chemotherapy to help kill the cancer cells in his body, but Chemotherapy also kills the healthy stem cells in the marrow. DC-CIK cell immunotherapy can effectively adjuvant therapy for lung cancer. Radical hysterectomy, chemotherapy combined with dimethyl triazemo imidazole carboxamide(DTIC) and immunotherapy can improve the prognosis if the disease could be diagnosed in early stage.