Dental Advertising Creative Marketing

In dental advertising, one of the best ways that you can do to get more patients to come into your practice is via creative marketing. Remember that the most important goal that you should have in your practice is to get more patients to come to your doorstep. And this is something we focus specifically at our dental advertising website. Dental advertising can help you with this… but you need to be more creative in the way that you do it.

Why Creative Marketing?

The whole point of creative marketing in dental advertising is to have a different and a much more different approach in getting people to become your potential patients in your dental practice. Now, you can do this by sending letters in “unique” format (more on that later). Now, the first goal is to get our marketing piece opened. The first thing is that the recipient of the mail opens the envelope, or whatever it is that we’re sending them. Then the second goal is once we get them to open the envelope is we need them to read the letter, or whatever is inside of it. And finally, the third goal is we want the recipient become our patient. We want to get them to call us or get them to come to our office. So by using creative marketing, we can accomplish those goals easily!

The Effect Of Technology In Marketing

Now, what I mean by technology here is the development of E-mail. E-mail’s a big thing right? Some people are getting a hundred e-mails a day, while some of them are getting a thousand. And that’s a lot of pieces of what used to be the traditional “mail in the envelope”. And it has eliminated the amount of personal mail. I mean, when was the last time somebody wrote you a letter? We hardly even get birthday cards in hand-written form (we now usually get them through e-mails). What comes to our traditional mailboxes are just bills and junk, and we hardly find time to look at it anymore. So, with this, as e-mail has promoted the diminishing number of the traditional letters that get to our traditional mailboxes, it’s time that you get creative in your dental advertising! When you get creative, you catch your readers attention! You want to grab them in the back so that your letter doesn’t go to the pile, or to the bin and get it looked at on a Sunday when they go through the rest of their mail. And also you want to invoke the child-like curiosity of your recipients (just like Christmas, when you cant wait to open the packages because you’re excited to know what is inside of them). And we all get that envelope in the mail that has a pen in it, where you are just being compelled to open it because you know that there is a pen in there. So you know that the mailer is going to sell you a pen, but you just have to open it.

How Can You Be Creative?

In dental advertising, the way to be creative is just to use different kinds of stuff that you know will get the curiosity of your recipient. An example is the “message in a bottle”, where the message is literally put inside a bottle (and for sure the recipient couldn’t wait until the end of the week to open that kind of letter, right?). Another example is Mark Dolson’s Tube Mailer, wherein the letter is put inside a tube (now, if the tube showed up in your mailbox, could you let that go?). And then you can go for shiny envelopes, where there is a big probability that the recipient will put these on top of their pile of mail (because everytime you put more mail on top of a shiny envelope, tendency is it will fall again and cause the other letters to fall; and it also gets you to think that “Who would send me a bright, shiny envelope?”, and you’ll just wonder what’s inside of it and you’ll be compelled to open it! You can also send letters placed in silver platters, letters in hand-written fonts (like those of mass-produced mailer); among others. Just let your imagination run free!