Dental Practice Growth 3 Key Ideas For Income Growth

In this article, what I’m going to share to you is basically about the 3 key ideas for income growth. These key ideas will really help you in the growth of your dental practice. And this is something we focus specifically at our dental practice growth website! Always keep in mind that you should have these ideas to promote the growth of your dental practice to keep the “blood” of your business flowing!

To promote the dental practice growth that you want, the key ideas that you need to have are the following:

Key Idea#1: Have More People Buy Your Services

Now, in your dental practice, you are looking to market and you are also looking to get more people in your doorstep. And once that you have that patient in your doorstep, for example, before they go for cleaning, there’s probably some other things that they may want to do. So, it is quite necessary for you to find out what the needs and wants of your patients are… and you can do this by talking to them! By doing this, you get people (or your patients) to buy more services from you!

Key Idea#2: Upsell Your Treatments

We all know that “upselling” means that you are attempting to persuade a customer (or in the case of dental practice, your patients) to purchase or avail more of your dental services. So, as mentioned earlier, get your patients to buy more services from you by talking to them and asking them what they really need and what they really want; be it in cosmetic dentistry, or they want dental implants, they want to avail for Invisalign, etc. There are so many things that you can offer them!

Key Idea#3: Expand Your Services

So in your dental practice, how do you get more people in? There are a lot of things that you can do for this. You can go for direct marketing; lead-generation marketing; reactivating your patients who have left, who are out, or who you haven’t seen in a while (get in touch with them every once in a while); marketing to different kinds of niches; create your “herd” and do some internal marketing. In our case, we have clients go for “care-to-share” programs, “whitening for life”, closer re-care appointments, do sealants, sedation dentistry ( for those patients who are fearful that it calls for a need to sedate them and do all the treatment for them in one day), ortho, Invisalign, non-surgical perio, full mouth rehabs, TMJ and sleep apnea. These are just examples of what you can have in your dental practice.

So, for the growth of your dental practice, have more patients buy your dental services, upsell your dental treatments, and also expand your dental services. And always remember to take good care of your patients because they are the most important and valuable factor that keeps your business going! Go with these key ideas, and achieve success in your business!