Donate Your Contribution to Buy the Wig For Cancer Patients

Pantene runs a charity for the children who are suffering from cancer. They are busy in preparing wigs for these kids, who lost their hairs due to cancer. If you possess long hair, you can easily donate your hair for the wigs. Well, all type of hairs cannot be donated for making the wigs. There are few specific criteria of hairs, which must be fulfilled before donating the hair. If you are thinking of donating your hair to the kids who are suffering from cancer, you must have good quality hair. There are many charities, who can convert your hairs into wigs. So, you can easily donate your hair to those charities to help the kids who have lost their hair due to cancer.

Features of Hair, Which Are Required To Make Wigs

You can lend your helping hand to Pantene to help the kids who are suffering from cancer. You can donate your hair to the charity, who will convert your hair into beautiful wigs, so that the kids can wear the wigs to hide their baldness. Your hair must have certain qualities before donating your hair to the charity. You must have 8 inch long pony tail. If you have curly or wavy hair, they will straighten your hair to measure it. The hairs must be fresh and clean, so before you cut your hair you must clean and wash your hair with good shampoo. Moreover, you do not have more than 5 % grey hair. Hair must not be bleached or colored, because these hairs cannot be used to make the wigs.

Where You Can Donate Your Hair To Help The Cancer Kids

There are many charities, where you can donate your hair for making the wigs for the kids. Well, you must be careful before donating the hairs to the charity. When the charities will receive your hair, they will carefully verify the quality of your hairs. They will not entertain any grey colored hair. Moreover, you must wash your hair properly with proper shampoo. You can try out Pantene shampoo to wash your hair. If possible, get the free Pantene Coupon from the website of Pantene and wash your hair properly.

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