Easy Do It Yourself Anti Aging Treatment

Most of the time, you will see that the ingredients are already available in your kitchen! Items like fruits, dairy products and oils have all the nutrients, vitamins, acids and minerals you need to fight the signs of aging and for preserving your youthful skin. These are the products you are going to use in your do it yourself anti aging treatment.

Items You Will Need

Cotton wool balls

Vegetable oil

Plain yoghurt



Olive oil


Vitamin E oil

How To Do Your Anti-Aging Home Treatments
To start any do it yourself anti aging treatment, first remove eye makeup with canola or olive or any other light vegetable oil by dipping a cotton ball in it. Then use another ball to remove the oil. It is the gentlest way of removing eye makeup and will keep your delicate eye area well lubricated which will prevent stretching. These kinds of vegetable oils are rich in Vitamin E, an antioxidant that will help to delay the signs of aging like crows feet.

Whole plain yoghurt can be used as an anti-aging cleaner. If you have the yoghurt in the fridge, just tale a small scoop and massage it well into your face. Then rinse with lukewarm water. Lactic acid present in yoghurt is a natural AHA which will give your skin required exfoliation and will also penetrate the skin for refreshing deep clean.

Yoghurt also acts as mild bleach on your skin and so is perfect if you have skin discoloration problems.
Another great do it yourself anti aging treatment is a sugar scrub. It can be done for three to four times a week. Glycolic acid present in sugar is one of the most common ingredients for those anti-aging facial peels that your dermatologist performs on you. The granules of a sugar are also effective in removing dead skin cells and such kinds of impurities.

As the circulation increases, you will find a more youthful fresh skin in your body.

Applying a natural home made anti-aging facial mask is must for maintaining a healthy skin. It should be done once every week. Use avocado as the base ingredient in such a mask. Just mash the fruit to a pulp and apply it over your face. Dry of 30 minutes naturally and then rinse of with tepid water. This is one fruit that contains natural oils and protein in abundance and so will keep your skin really supple and hydrated. Avocado also has vitamin B that will even out your skin tone.

As for age spots, apply lemon directly one them for two to three times a day and watch them fade away naturally. In her article, Home Remedies for Age and Sun Spots, Danielle Briones states that lemon is storehouse of citric acid, one of the strongest natural skin lighteners present in the world!

Olive oil is another great item for anti-aging treatment. To prevent as well as treat wrinkles, fine lines and skin discoloration, mix olive oil with three to four drops of Vitamin E. Just massage yourself in face and other parts with this oil before bedtime. You will wake up to a new soft skin like never before with this do it yourself anti-aging treatment.