Easy Ways To Get Relief For Eczema

But this can be very hard if your child suffers from eczema, which is a uncontrollable urge to itch. This can be very hard for both the parents and the child, so what can you do? Is there any eczema treatment for children that can cure this horrible disease?

Honey: Wash the affected area with warm water to clean it and open the pores. Rub honey over the affected area. When it soaks in rub on some more. Do this for about ten minutes. Rinse the honey off with cold water. Don’t worry; your skin won’t be sticky. Honey has great anti-infective properties, and over a short period of time your skin will become soft and smooth.

Your skin will come into contact when you are washing dishes, etc and wearing gloves is one of the home remedies for eczema you can apply. Wearing rubber gloves will shield the skin on your hands. Replace rubber gloves with cotton ones if you are allergic to latex. Also, put on gloves if you are heading outdoors in the cold weather.

Another very good eczema treatment for children is taking oatmeal baths. Oatmeal has an calming effect on the skin and lukewarm water should also be used, the only difference is that baths should be a bit longer. So add 2-3 cups of oatmeal to the bath, even the oatmeal found in supermarkets will do just fine.

If you have eczema, then it is best to use all natural remedies for eczema, including the foods you eat. Many eczema cases are due to food triggers. Processed foods are one of them. The way to counter this is to start adding natural and organic foods to your diet. You may also want to start taking natural supplements that are known to confer benefits for the skin, such as vitamin C, vitamin E and fish oil.

Stress is often the cause of eczema and it is therefore important that you allocate a particular time of the day, just for relaxation. You can take up a hobby or listen to music, in order to release all the pent up stress inside you. Meditation and deep breathing exercises are also helpful stress busters’ help in treating eczema.

Make sure you do not wear perfumes and make sure your laundry soaps do not contain dyes or fragrances. In addition, if you use dryer sheets, be sure they are also fragrance free. Many times the natural treatment for eczema is just by going fragrance-free!