Eczema Natural Remedies – 3 Herbs That Help Eliminate Eczema

One thing that you need to understand about natural cures for eczema is the fact that they have no real side effects. Are they miracle cures that will stop the problem in seconds? No they are not but they will do the job if you are dedicated to the process and stay with it for as long as it takes.

Wear Fabrics that will not irritate your hands, do ot wear itchy rough material like wool. Layer fabrics to let skin breath.

Some natural cures for eczema are Western herbal therapy, ayurveda, aromatherapy, Chinese herbal medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy, Reiki, hypnosis, reflexology, kinesiology, nutritional therapy, and neurolinguistic programming.

This herb is a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial oil that is very efficient controlling eczema flare-ups. How does it work? It stimulates your blood circulation and has a calming effect on your irritated skin. Additionally, it stimulates the immune system too. You can take it via capsules or tea. Try the tea and you will be surprised by its pleasant flavor.

These natural treatments for eczema have been used by many people the world over. However, there are many others and it is well worth your while to check them out before settling on one single treatment.

Gentle or mild soaps are also recommended for use against the skin disease. These kinds of soaps cleanse your face and body without irritating them. Do not use bubble soaps as they have a drying effect on your skin. It is vital that you take a bath regularly and make sure to use emollient bath oils rather than bubble soaps. Emollient soap often used by babies and equally safe for adults. For eczema with thick patches and calluses on the affected area, antimonium crudum is a great remedy. Antimonium crudum reduces itching, and, if food triggers are involved, it can help relieve the gastrointestinal disruption that may be associated with eczema as well. Antimonium crudum is available at health food stores in pill form. Calendula can be used if your outbreaks tend to get infected. Calendula reduces inflammation and irritation while preventing infection. It can be found in a lotion form.

Moisturize regularly- A good way to moisturize is right after you had a shower. You should pat dry so that a little moisture from the water is left behind on your skin. You then add some moisturizing lotion to your skin and that will prevent your skin from looking dry and flaky.