Eczema Natural Remedies

There are an ever increasing number of people suffering from eczema these days. Latest numbers state that over 10% of the population suffer with this condition. Just what is eczema and what in our lives is causing this increase in sufferers?

Eczema is a persistent skin condition which includes dryness, rashes which can become inflamed, itching, crusting and flaking of the skin which can in turn lead to oozing and bleeding. It is an incredibly annoying condition because all you want to do is scratch your skin, but that can lead to scarring. It is important to note that eczema is not contagious.

There is no one answer to why eczema is on the increase, many people believe it is a problem with our immune system not working correctly. Others believe it is caused with substances coming into contact with the human skin which triggers allergies. Items such as soaps, metals, make up can all be to blame as well as excessive sweating, changes in temperature and stress. Well I think that covers just about everything! But what can we do about it.

If you go to your doctor you will probably be given steroid creams which are not only expensive but can cause nasty side effects. If they are used for too long a period it can lead to thinning of the skin. Most medicines prescribed these days come with a leaflet detailing all the possible side effects – it is quite disturbing if you read them. Should we really be putting our bodies through this kind of stress?

Why not treat your skin with eczema natural remedies and get it back into balance. Our bodies have a great ability in healing themselves and I believe we should give them the chance to do just that. If you took steroid cream for your eczema – yes it would possible heal your skin, but I would guarantee that once you stopped using it your eczema would return. With taking pills and potions we are simply treating the effect of our illness – the skin breakout. What we are not doing is finding the cause of the problem.

Below is a great eczema home remedy that you can make to treat your skin both inside and out …

Mix together some unrefined shea butter with your choice of either coconut oil or olive oil. When mixture resembles a mousse mix in a few drops of essential oil for aroma. Whip mixture until it resembles a cream. Rub between your palms and apply to affected areas.

This will treat your skin from the outside, but you need to treat inside as well. To do this make sure you:

Drink plenty of water Drink fresh ginger tea

Simply follow this recipe and apply it frequently and you will see great improvement in your skin. Another great tip for eczema prevention is to include skin healthy foods in your diet such as salmon and berries.

The internet is awash with natural remedies you can try for all sorts of ailments they are well worth trying instead of simply resorting to expensive and often dangerous prescription medicines.