Electric Cigarette Reviews Inviting the Enemy Cancer

Cigarette smokers know for a fact that the nicotine that they inhale is something that they get addicted to. Even with the knowledge that their health is getting ruined, people continue to smoke several cigarettes all through the day. Most often you will find the smokers ignoring hard facts and truth and instead choosing to believe in myths and popular but false notions.They continue to hold on to their beliefs and go on till the day they come face to face with the disease.Then all the myths disappear.

Ask an individual who has been a habitual smoker as to why he continues to smoke despite knowing it can harm him. He is likely to say that since his dad who was a smoker did not get affected and was fine and fit, he too is not likely to fall ill due to smoking. Then there are others who say am perfectly fit and fine. They find no reasons why they should quit smoking and not have fun.un.

We have the hard facts and figures to prove that in most cases of lung cancer victims, smoking both direct and passive smoking is the direct cause.There is no guarantee of the fact that because one’s parent did not fall ill that the self will also be spared. This false notion and belief cannot save you from the risks of smoking. It is another fact that there are no symptoms sometimes visible in patients who develop lung cancer. Several patients who have developed lung cancer due to smoking have discovered their ailment only the advance stages.Lung cancer can grow on you silently without your knowledge and the patient will continue to feel fine.

There is yet another type of individual who will tell you that he might probably be a victim, of cancer already in which case whey should he stop now. Doctors believe that if the individual is in very early stages of cancer then by stopping smoking, it is possible to reverse the progress and the tissues can turn normal. If some one has stopped smoking for the last ten years, he will be at much lesser risk of contracting the disease than if he were to have continued with smoking all the time.

Many times people who smoke continue to belief in myths alone and do nothing to find out what is the truth and what is the real fact. But children in high school and college smoke due to different reasons which is not connected to their beliefs.Most of them think that it is considered fashionable to be seen to be smoking. Many more children take to smoking due to their need to belong to the group and peer pressure. Some times the children like to rebel and also want to feel independent and smoking they believe makes them independent.

Any individual who understands how smoking can affect his health and future can with the help of a strong will, quit smoking even if he is addicted.

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