Eyelash Extensions A Fun Beauty Secret

Do you remember when ladies were forced to apply clumpy mascara and dark eyeliner to achieve beautiful lashes? The med spa and cosmetic make-up industry has improved so quickly during the last 10 years that it’s common place for ladies to have long, thick, sexy eyelashes with eyelash extensions. Also known as eyelash implants, lash attachments have come a long way since the times of fake eyelashes.

It isn’t any wonder that women would be a little stand-offish about this type of lash treatment. Beauty spa eyelash extensions take the hassle out of trying to figure out how to apply and buy false eyelashes, because the procedure entails applying lashes separately to individual eyelashes. You basically stop by your local beauty salon, and choose between a full set of mink, synthetic, and even silk eyelashes.

Why bother with the messy old way of using strips and eyelash glue when you can and let an artist does all the work? Professional eyelash extensions last for 2 to 4 months, and are semi permanent, which means they won’t fall out in bad weather.

What happens during an eyelash extensions appointment?

Basically, when you visit the salon or spa, a cosmetologist or person with extensive eyelash training will take a look at your natural set. The eyelash artist will first want to know if use a curler to make J-lashes, Y-lashes, or even the old S-lashes. Once your natural lashes have been checked out, it’s time to pick out a desired length. My best advice is to go for a more dramatic look, but don’t go over board. Pick a set of lashes which subtly transform your eyes and add mystery to your own natural beauty.

After lash length and fullness and design are settled on, you will be able to go it on cruise control for the remainder of your session. The procedure is fast, taking only an hour or so, depending on the skill of the person applying your eyelash extensions. It might be a good idea to bring along an MP3 player, so you can relax while your new lashes are applied.

Will I need a touch up?

Since the natural eyelash growth cycle completes itself every 60-90 days, you will need to have eyelash touch-ups at least every few months. This is because our own lashes shed from the follicle, giving room for new lash growth. Don’t worry, follow up appointments are inexpensive, and generally take about 20 min.

It’s also useful to ask what company your salon or spa uses for procedure. Some of the better known eyelash extensions companies are as follows: 3D-Lashes, Nova-Lash, Premier-Lashes, and Xtreme-Lashes.

Just remember that the type of eyelash glue and adehisveness has a lot to do with how long your new eyelash extensions will last.

Sasso works for Spa La La, a Chicago Salon that specializes in eyelashes and extensions. Visit Chicago Eyelashes Salon