Factors Responsible For Growth Of Black Mold And Its Signs

You will notice that molds of different colors are found on different places. Usually, molds of black, white, pink, purple, grey or brown colours are seen. Whatever the colour of the mold may be, it can create many problems for you; so it is very important to have complete information about the different factors that can contribute towards the development of molds.

It is also very important for you to know the signs that give an indication of presence of molds at any place. You might have observed different factors that are responsible for the growth of black mold but the most important one is humidity. You can see that all factors are related to humidity either directly or indirectly.

Places that have greater level of humidity promote the growth of fungi and mold. Sometimes water pipes in your homes leak and they increase the level of moisture in your home.

You need to control the moisture in order to get rid of mold problems but the fact is that these sorts of water leakage problems do not appear in the beginning; therefore, it becomes difficult to detect and to resolve these problems quickly.

Another very important factor that can tell you about the presence of black mold in your home is the musty odour. If mold is growing on any place that is not in your view, even then its presence can be felt by its smell.

Another very significant sign that can let you know about the presence of black mold is the development of respiratory problems or allergies. If you are living somewhere or moving to a new place, then you can identify the presence of molds, if you suddenly develop allergic problems.

You might also have headache, dizziness or face some other problems because of the growth of molds in your home or office. You can also see the growth of black molds in some areas of your home more, as compared to other places. In basements, there are greater chances of growth of molds because there is less ventilation, so the level of humidity is greater over there.

You can also observe that bathrooms are the favourite places of molds and mostly, molds are grown on bathroom tiles. The most obvious and visible sign that you can observe is the appearance of biological molds that is visible at any place.