Get Relief – Discover Which Foods Cause Eczema

Realizing which foods cause eczema is just one of 3 factors to consider when seeking relief. You have complete control of what you consume to find relief, but there are also internal and external factors… Internal factors would include things like heredity and stress. The core reason that a person has eczema is due to the immune systems break down. Eczema usually goes hand in hand with other allergies like hay fever. For that reason, if you or your parents have have a back ground of allergies, the children are highly susceptible to it. To make matters worse, simply having a bad day can make it rise to the surface.

Then another problem are the external factors. Detergents, airborn particles, feathers, dust mites, pet hair, pollen, and something as simple as your cloths can amplify the problem. Most perfumes added to toiletries and household cleaners can ruin ones day. And just using common sense dictates that you should not ware tight cloths, or things made of synthetics or wool. You need to toss all those out and stick with cotton all the way

Keep in the back of your head that the main reason a person has eczema is because the immune system is damaged. Therefore, the most productive way combat your eczema is to repair the immune system. A good place to start is with looking at which foods cause eczema – the part you can control..

1) Dairy and Dairy products

Dairy can be blamed for about 3 out of 4 of problems related to Eczema. Milk (cows milk mainly) and all the foods containing milk, such as butter, cheese, ice cream and yogurt. Even chocolate and salad dressings. So if you like creamy Italian dressing or blue cheese on your salad, your going to have to find a new topper.

2) Wheat Products

An estimated 15% of people are effected by wheat / flour. All cereals and breads. This includes waffles, donuts, crackers, etc… A majority of would not even think that beverages like beer and root beer are also make from wheat.

3) Acidic Fruit

The majority of are beneficial like grapes (or grape seed oil) which are high in antioxidants. But alternately, there are fruits known to cause problems like blueberries, cranberries, plumbs and prunes as well as canned fruits that are all high in acid.

Key side note: The total ‘acidic content’ of the body will trigger Eczema along with various other ailments. It is harmful in many ways. these Products like Kelp supplements are high in alkali – which can counter act the acid levels.

4) Nuts

We’ve all heard stories of, or know some child that that risks a coma even if they get a whiff of peanuts. While this is extreme, it is worth mentioning, nuts can be a huge trigger! So be leery of peanuts almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, etc…

5) Sea food

The list of sea foods is long. this would include all scaly fish herring, anchovies, tuna, trout. Mollusks like lobster, crab, crayfish. And then my favorite, Crustaceans cuttlefish, squid, slugs and snails.

6) Eggs
That simple – Eggs and every thing eggy

What you eat is vital to your heath! While you are cleaning up your diet (and your eczema) you will find other smaller health problems seem to fade away. That’s when you know that you are on your way to a better immune system and better health all around.