Hair And Beauty Spares For Mobile Hair And Beauty Technicians

Hair and beauty salons have changed from previous practice, into new and modern ways of approaching people, with the ability to pamper them in the most efficient and accessible way possible. Now you no longer need to go to the salon or a spa just to beautify yourself. Mobile hairdressers are not only there to fix hair and create beauty, they have decided to work with you anytime and anywhere. You may be able to access a mobile beauty technician wherever you may be located and at a time that is suitable to the both of you.

For mobile hair and beauty technicians, it’s tough working outside your permanent workplace. Besides needing to travel to get to your customers, there’s a chance that your equipment and gadgets will fail to work. Professionals don’t go into something they’re not ready for. With the right training and experience, they know which equipment needs double checking and the backups that may be required during the entire service. Common products and equipment used by them should include a spare in order to eliminate delays and poor service. Here are some hair and beauty spares every mobile hair and beauty technician must bring with them:

Shaver solution

It’s normally a water-based solution that keeps your shaver clean and at the same time lubricates the shaver head to optimise long lasting shaving performance.

Hair dryer

Find a dryer that is ultra lightweight and has advanced heater and airflow technology that is more efficient than some of the conventional hair dryers. Find a hairdryer that consumes less energy, to minimise power consumption.

Hair clippers

Find hair clippers that are rechargeable rather than battery operated to minimise costs on electricity. In addition, a cordless clipper is more convenient to use rather than a corded one.

Curling iron

Revolutionary curling irons are ultra slim and provide efficient curling capability on any type of hair.

Replacement power cord for GHD iron

Mobile hair and beauty technicians should always have extra power cords. Even if you’re working in your own salon, the importance of spare power cords is a must.

Thermal fuse

GHD irons can burn with extensive use or insufficient power supply. Make sure that you have a thermal fuse replacement to get the gadget working, especially when you’re out doing the job.

Plug for GHD irons

Plugs are mostly stricken when there’s power failure or insufficient power supply. Make sure that you have a spare that is in good working order while you’re on the move.


Prior to doing a mobile hair service, make sure you have all the right type of shears for you to be able to cut and trim according to your customer’s preferred hairstyle. Everyone has different types of hair that you may need to consider. For instance, children may need a special kind of shears because of their delicate hair and scalp.

Hair and beauty has evolved through the years in order to address your beauty needs. Mobile beauty experts can now help you out at home when you are limited for time.