Have You Heard Of This Anti-aging Exercise The Hindu Push-up

It will be safe to say for ages, Man has been looking for ways to stay, look and feel young. Even religious monks for millennia have made that an especial assignment of theirs.

You see two thousand years ago, Tibetan monks claimed that the aging process could be reversed. They developed the Rites, by condensing 21 yoga anti-aging exercises into 5

The fifth rite is an especial benefit of mine.

It’s the Hindu-Push Up:

When you perform the fifth rite, your body will be face-down to the floor. It will be supported by the hands, palms down against the floor, and the toes in a flexed position. Throughout this rite, the hands and feet should be kept straight. Start with your arms perpendicular to the floor, and the spine arched, so that the body is in a sagging position.

Here is the technique and like me, after reading this next paragraph, take a pause and try 2-3 out right quick.

-Get on all fours.

-The starting position is with legs spread wide and butt up in the air.

-From there, bend your elbows as in a regular pushup, bringing your back down in a circular arc

-Straighten your arms and end up with your chest up and your hips almost touching the ground.

Now for a superior anti-aging exercise and ‘pick-me-upper’, this simple routine definitely does stand out.

When done properly and combined with deep breathing (breathing in on the way down and exhaling-looking up) Hindu pushups build amazing lung power as well as incredible upper body strength and endurance. They also improve flexibility in the shoulders and hips as well as the upper and lower back.

You definitely have to try it out to see for yourself.

Perhaps the efficiency of this exercise lies in the facts that it not only keeps your back supple, but the first position oxygenates and replenishes the brain, while the second position opens up several energy channels in the body and upon the necessary exhalation, clears out the lungs in a most efficient way.

Well, the monks have given the Hindu-Push ups their vote for Anti-aging, Bruce Lee gave them his vote for strength, perhaps when you try them, theyll win one more advocate.

Heres to staying, looking and feeling younger AND to health.