Holistic Medicine An Overview

Practitioners of holistic medicine believe that treating illness and injury doesn’t stop with conventional methods. Instead, they practice the art of healing with the mindset that the whole individual should be included in any treatment. The mind, the body, and the spirit are all a part of the healing process. There is also considerable effort put toward preventing illness and disease through these practices. Practitioners often describe the optimal condition being one in which unlimited life force energy is allowed to flow freely throughout the body.

When one applies the practices of holistic medicine, they don’t stop at the superficial cause of the illness or the injury that brought them to need healing in the first place. In order to achieve a sense of well being as well as treat the specific ailment, they incorporate a variety of safe modalities in order to get to the root cause. This includes looking at the physical aspect of the treatment, their intake of nutrition, the environment in which they live, and then examining their spiritual lifestyle as well.

Many people are under the mistaken notion that holistic medicine is somehow at odds with conventional surgery and prescription drug treatments. This isn’t the case at all. The practice includes looking at alternatives to be sure, but conventional methods and factual science have always been a part of the lifestyle. One of the main differences between this form of practice and traditional methods is the focus on finding the root cause of an illness, rather than simply treating the symptoms, which is what much of modern science has become.

Adhering closely to the old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, practitioners find it much more cost effective to look at preventative methods with at least as much ferocity as they look for ways in which to treat the already ill. When possible, the best methods involve using the patient’s own healing abilities and exploiting them so that they can prevent and fight most diseases on their own. When illness does occur, it is usually seen as a sign of a larger dysfunction.

In addition to promoting lifestyle changes from within, there is also an emphasis on improving relationships with others. This not only includes relationships with friends and family, but finding a better way to coexist within an environment, if not changing that environment altogether. Practitioners believe that a person’s surroundings have much to do with that individual’s continued wellness.

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