How Did Chuck Kinsey Cure His Grade 3 Prostate Cancer

Last summer Chuck first discovered that he might have a problem when he got turned down for life insurance. Sure enough, a biopsy confirmed that he had cancer. His prostate had swelled up bigger than a baseball.

Chuck decided not to have surgery at least until January when his insurance would change. In November, he started following a recipe I came up with to cure my own stage 4 cancer 10 years ago.

When January arrived, his urologist examined him again and found that his prostate had shrunk quite a bit – down to the size of a small plum, according to his doctor.

His PSA score improved to 3.1 from a high of 5.8. His free PSA improved some as well, climbing from a paltry 12% to 21%…27% to 100% is considered normal.

His doctor was intrigued, telling Chuck he would be following his case closely, and took Chuck into his office to look up the hubpage where Chuck saw the recipe.

The recipe was simple. A habaneros pepper and two cloves of garlic plus an oil. In Chuck’s case, he used emulsified cod liver oil. Others might need evening primrose oil instead.

Chuck ate the recipe twice a day. I ate it once a day.

Chuck had another biopsy last Monday (March 2), on Thursday his report said he had no malignant tissue….he was cancer free. While there have been some tremendous improvements in other people with cancer who are eating the recipe…some more dramatic than Chuck’s…Chuck is the first who has a “before” and “after” biopsy confirming a cure.

When Chuck received the biopsy report, the doctor included an unusual note above his name, “Wow. I’m going to go get some more hot sauce.”

That’s probably the first time a note of that nature has ever appeared on a biospy report. But it might not be the last.