How Do I Treat Eczema In The Public Region

Are you wondering how to treat eczema in public region? Well you are at the right place and I am about to share with you some tips that will help you to reduce your eczema symptoms . As someone who suffered from eczema in the past , I know the pain you are feeling, because the itching, burning and the redness can be hard to cope with at times . What’s even worse, it lowers your self esteem and activities that should be fun are normally avoided just so that others wont notice you.

So how do you treat eczema in public regions?

Firstly, your body parts that are considered to be public region are the face, neck and the arms. These are the areas that are normally seen by others because they are not covered by clothing . There are several things that you can do to treat these areas for fast relief . Below are some measures and remedies you should use :

** Stay out of the sun – Persons with eczema shouldn’t be exposed to the direct rays of the sun . The radiation in the sun can burn your skin and cause it to thin out . The areas will also become red, dry and flaky.

** Wash your face at least twice per day – the fact that your skin is exposed to the environment , there will be a lot of dust and air borne bacteria that will get trapped on your skin . These will irritate your eczema if they are allowed to accumulate . When washing, it is recommended that you use a mild cleanser instead of the more aggressive ones that can make the eczema worse . You could always ask your doctors or your pharmacist for the type that would go well with your skin.

Many home remedies are proven to work on eczema . One thing though, is that some of these remedies can have a weird odor and therefore you may not want to use them. Here are some that you could try anyways :

** Apply regular uncooked oatmeal to the affected areas. This will help with the burning, itching and inflammation .

** Drink green tea. This will keep your skin cool and also helps to reduce the burning and itching. You can mix it with water and drink about 5-10 glasses per day.

The above are some of the proven tips to treat eczema in public regions. Use them and follow the precaution measures to keep your eczema under control and enjoy a happy life.

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