Ingredients of a Good Eczema Cream

The ingredients you look for in an eczema cream depend on what you want the cream to do. “Duh,” you say. “I want it to relieve my itching and heal my skin. Simple.” Well, yes, but are you after immediate relief or are you after long term relief, and do you care whether or not the cream is natural?

If you are having a severe eczema flare up, you probably want relief right now. In that case, a prescription cream with cortisone as the key ingredient is probably what you want. Cortisone will relieve the itching very quickly. However, long term use of cortisone opens you up to some nasty side effects. You run the risk of thinning skin, weight gain, hypertension, and contact dermatitis – as if you don’t already have enough problems with your skin.

For long term use, cortisone is probably an ingredient you want to avoid. Now your choice is narrowed to natural ingredients or not. Many eczema sufferers have sensitivities to chemicals. If an eczema cream contains artificial scents and other ingredients with long, unpronounceable names, there is a good chance you might have a reaction to it because of the chemicals. If you still want to use one of these creams, try some before you buy a whole bottle. Most stores have testers that they will allow you to sample.

Now the choice is narrowed to a cream with natural ingredients, but you still want to choose carefully. Natural ingredients are from nature, but that doesn’t mean that any cream is okay for you to use. Check the ingredients carefully. It’s possible that even the most benign cream could contain an ingredient that you are allergic to.

Many ingredients can provide relief for your eczema symptoms. Here are just a few, and their properties:

Vitamin E – A good anti-oxidant. It promotes skin healing and helps hydrate the skin.

Shea butter – An excellent emollient. It helps alleviate dry skin.

Calendula Cream – Soothes inflamed, red skin.

It’s very important to get your symptoms under control to improve your quality of life. However, any eczema cream, no matter how good, is only treating your symptoms; it isn’t addressing the root causes of your problem. If you want to drive your eczema into permanent remission, then you will have to investigate what is causing it.

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