Is Reversing Heart Disease Really Possible

Is it possible to reverse heart disease? It’s a question that can raise a lot of debate. The effect of reversing heart disease can be done if you adopt a few lifestyle changes. If you eliminate some of the risk factors that you can control, and that put you in harms way of the disease, you can turn back the clock, in a manner of speaking.

There are many risks that can lead to heart disease and there are many different kinds of heart disease. One major factor that leads to most heart disease is blocked arteries that feed blood to the heart. If the heart does not receive a fresh supply of blood, it can die, or part of it can die, resulting in a heart attack. By unclogging these arteries, you are essentially reversing heart disease and, therefore, healing your heart.

How You Can Reverse Heart Disease
Diets high in saturated fats and cholesterol can contribute to the blockage that causes most diseases of the heart. Reversing heart disease can be helped by revising your diet, by eating more fruits and vegetables. Eat foods with a high fiber content and stay away from foods with a lot of saturated fat. By simply changing to a more heart healthy diet, you are getting a step closer to reversing a heart disease. Clogged arteries are one of the major factors that cause heart attacks and reducing this huge threat can help prolong or even save your life.

Get More Exercise
Another factor that is a risk is the lack of exercise. So a technique that works in reversing heart disease is getting more exercise. When you exercise, you increase your cardiovascular health, and your heart begins to work better. Exercise can be had anywhere, anytime, simply walk instead of drive your car, take the stairs instead of an elevator. Take a daily walk during your lunch hour or break-time at work, or just walk around the block every day that you can.

Surgery May be an Option
A more drastic, and doctor recommended move for reversing heart disease, is surgery. Although not in the reach of everyone due to the great expense, surgeons have been able to unblock arteries or bypass clogged arteries to improve blood flow to the heart. In many cases, surgery helps those who are afflicted with this horrible disease; however, for surgery to be effective, the heart disease must be caught early, like most other diseases. Surgery can be an effective means for reversing heart disease, but surgery can only do so much as there are thousands of miles of arteries in your body. The most effective way is to adopt good living habits and remove the risk factors you can control, once you find out you have a heart disease.

The Practical Effect Can be Yes
Once heart disease factors have been eliminated, you can look forward to, and continue to living a long healthy life, despite having a heart disease. So the short answer to reversing heart disease is really no, but the practical effect can be yes.

By eating right, reducing stress levels, and getting more exercise it will help improve your general health whether you have heart disease or not. Reversing heart disease does not need to hold you back, or reduce your life span. You can help in reversing heart disease by changing your living habits. If you have heart disease or want to reduce your chance of getting it, then improve your life by eliminating the things that contribute to the disease.