Is There an Eczema Cure

There is no short answer to this question. Conventional doctors will tell you there is no cure. Eczema sufferers are divided; some will say there is a cure, some will say there isn’t. The answer hinges on what you think the definition of “eczema cure” is. Does cure mean you take one pill and you no longer suffer any eczema symptoms? If that is your definition, then there is no cure. Does cure mean you identify the root cause of your problem and put your symptoms into permanent remission so that you never suffer dry, cracked, itching skin again? If this is your definition, then there is definitely a cure.

Chances are you’ve identified any allergies you have and eliminated those allergens from your environment and your diet. You are avoiding any chemicals you are sensitive to. These are the generally accepted primary causes of eczema, yet you still have symptoms. You are only part way to your cure. You need to take a few more steps.

Change your diet. Stop eating processed foods. They contain chemicals you may be sensitive to and they are nutritionally empty. You may be starving, no matter how much you weigh. Eat only organic foods. No matter how well you wash non-organic produce, they still contain trace amounts of the pesticides, herbicides, and artificial fertilizers sprayed on them, and you ingest these toxins. Some remain in your body, building up over years. Non-organically raised animals contain artificial growth hormones and antibiotics. Small amounts of these also get into your cells. Organically raised produce and animals don’t contain any of these poisons.

Get rid of those toxins in your body; detoxify. You can find good detox cleanse products in reputable health food stores or you can see a naturopathic doctor for health. When you first start a cleanse you may feel like crap, to put it bluntly. The toxins that have accumulated in your cells are being flushed out of your body in large amounts, relative to the amounts that were taken in over the years, and your body is reacting to them. As the cleanse progresses you will feel better and better. In fact, by the time you complete your cleanse, you may find that you feel better than you have in years.

Rebuild your immune system. The build up of toxins has taken its toll on your immune system, and it isn’t performing optimally. Your eczema is an indication of that. Consult with your naturopath for the supplements you need to return your immune system to peak performance. With a healthy immune system, you will now be able to resist any eczema factors remaining in your body.

If you believe there is an eczema cure you have already empowered yourself to succeed. Follow these steps and you will enjoy a remission in your symptoms and a higher overall quality of life.

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