Leading Causes Of Male Acne

Acne has one major cause: raised hormonal levels. This hormonal level rise causes an increased production of bodily oils, which clog up the pores of the skin. This oil, as well as deceased skin cells, which have been trapped in pores, ultimately leads to the formation of acne.

While it is less common in men than it is in woman, many adult males internationally suffer the curse of acne and the extreme humiliation and mortification caused by the unsightly disease.

Found on the neck, face, back, and chest of male sufferers, male acne can be caused by a variety of things such as a weak immune system, poor nutrition, over enthusiastic exercise as well as the use of drugs designed to enhance performance. It can even be caused by as simple a thing as shaving.

Today’s fast paced world, where people have what I call “hit and run” diets, is also a major cause of acne in men. Hit and run diets are where you never stop for a proper healthy meal, you just grab a burger or “take out” and keep on working. A poor diet, lacking in the necessary vitamins and minerals can stimulate the sebaceous gland, thus causing it to produce excess sebum. It is this excess sebum that blocks the pores and thus results in acne. A weak or low immune system can have the same results.

Men who, exercise excessively or often, such as male athletes, often suffer from acne, due to excessive heat, perspiration, and friction on the skin caused by the clothes worn during exercise.

Drugs designed to enhance performance, such as anabolic steroids, upset and change the hormonal levels. Men who suffer from acne tend to have high levels of a masculine sex hormone known as “androgen.” This hormone is the biggest culprit for the cause of acne.

The male act of shaving unwanted hair from the face can cause acne, but it can also make acne that is already present much worse, due to the fact that a blunt blade can cut existing pimples. Preferably use a safety razor or an electric razor and always make sure the blades are kept sharp. Keep away from razors with multi blades, it may feel like they are leaving your skin smoother and therefore healthier, but each extra blade adds an extra chance of damaging the epidermis, thus increasing the chance of acne forming.