Natural Anti Aging!

Arbonne’s natural anti aging system, Nutrimin C RE9 is one of kind because it is botanically based and produces promising results. Re9 was introduced in 2003, being the first in the world to use Nanosphere Technology, which allows 9 anti aging elements to be penetrated 7 layers deep into the skin. This unique science and the high quality botanicals have been produced better skin in a matter of days and DRAMATIC results in as little as two weeks!

First of all, it uses a Bio-Hydria Complex to soften and condition the skin. This complex contains: birch leaf, clover blossom, cucumber, ginseng and watercress extracts and St. John’s Whort.

Plus Arbonne’s Nanosphere technology delivers vitaspheres 7 layers deep into the skin. Vitaspheres nourish and protect the skin by delivering vitamins A and E and antioxidants. These products also use vitamin C to strengthen your OWN collagen, elastin and the ground substance of your epidermis to make your skin look lifted, firm and wrinkles diminished and smoother. Many products deliver elastin and collagen from animal by-products to the skin but these don’t actually help your own collagen and elastin at all.

To improve your skin’s epidermal fatty layer, supporting skin’s elasticity and preventing water loss, this botanical skin care uses plant derived Elhibin and Stimu-Tex. The fifth element in this skin care line is alpha lipoic acid, which is an antioxidant that makes the skin more refined. The sixth is kojic acid, which naturally lightens sun damaged skin. The seventh is copper which smooths fine lines. The eighth is alpha and beta hydroxy acids which exfoliate to create visibly smoother skin. Finally the ninth element of RE9 are peptides or protein strands, which help build collagen and smooth wrinkles!

This anti aging line consists of a face and body wash that won’t strip your skin of it’s natural oils. Next you use the toner, serum, eye cream, day moisturizer and night cream! There are also specialy products like the face lift cream which instantly lifts the skin! Besides these necessities Arbonne also offers a deep pore cleansing masque, a facial scrub, wrinkle filler and an enzyme peal. Plus Arbonne’s cosmetics contain anti aging ingredients to further better your skin!

80% of aging is actinic aging which is aging do to the environment, and fortunately this type of aging is reversible with Arbonne’s RE9!

An independent clinical study revealed that the NutriMin C RE9 system could increase your own collagen production by as much as 327% in only 6 months. There is still hope! You can see before and after photos at trubeauty myarbonne and you can see that Arbonne really does offer the best anti wrinkle cream!