New Automated Direct Mail Campaigns For Dental Practices

The Fast, Easy & Affordable Way to Grow Your Dental Practice!

Do you want a more profitable dental practice? There is a fast and easy way for you to grow your dental practice. The cornerstone of a prosperous dental practice is having a mechanism in place that consistently delivers new patients to your door. If you have enough new patients moving into your service lines you can grow your practice. Without a new patient marketing program the laws of attrition will grind you and your practice down to the ground.

The law of attrition states that every year you will naturally lose patients, patients will move away, patients will die or one of your staff will upset them and they will find a new dentist. Whatever it is, you will lose patients and there is little you can do about losing them. Some years your attrition might be as high as 30% – 40%. Other years it might only be 15% – 20%.

The only thing you can do to counter attrition to out create it by creating new stream of new patients coming in that is bigger than what have lost through attrition.

Is your practice being affected by attrition?

To find out, take the test below by answering yes or no:

Does your sales have very high peaks followed by steep valleys?

Do you have times of the year that are very slow?

Are your sales flat from last year to this year?

Do you feel your revenues are unpredictable?

Does it feel like it is too hard to make the money you need from your dental practice?

If you answered yes to 3 of the 5 questions above, your either do not have a consistent new patient marketing program in place or you need a more effective new patient marketing program for your dental practice.

We have helped many, many dental practices get off the patient roller coaster using a program the U.S. Postal Service came out with a few years ago. The program is called Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) and with this program your practice can mail a jumbo postcard for just 17 cents postage.

Why does EDDM work so well for dental practices? Well, because around most dental practices there are thousands of people who live and work and the good news isTHEY ALL HAVE TEETH! Up until the EDDM program was released, your choice was to buy an expensive mailing list and the cheapest postage you could get was 27 28 cents for standard bulk postage.

EDDM is a good choice for dental practices because you can mail based on your budget. Wilson Printing USA will design and print a targeted postcard and even handle the mailing for you. The important thing is that you be consistent.

Our automated Dental Practice Program will put your practice on an upward path so you can beat attrition. We will help you put your new patient acquisition on automatic so you can do what you do besttreat patients.

The program is simple, we sit down with you, work out a new patient marketing budget that makes sense for where you want your sales to be. We develop the creative design, print and handle the mailing for you. We also have available simple to use tracking sheets and 800# tracking numbers so you can see how many calls and how your staff is converting the calls to patient visits. This is a vital part of our program because the best marketing program can fall on its head if staff members do not handle the new callers properly. The program is tailored to your practice and goes from simply generating new patient leads, to tracking where the patient leads are coming from, to new patient welcome kits. It is up to you how far it goes.

Our new patient program is turn key and affordable. If you would like more information click here and schedule a time to talk to one of our marketing representatives.

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