Plant Medicine Has Pronounced Virucidal Action On Molluscum

Molluscum contagiosum is a skin infection caused by the molluscum contagiosum virus. Incidences of infection are usually experienced during childhood. However, it is becoming increasingly more frequent as a sexually transmitted disease in sexually active young adults. This alarming fact makes an effective treatment for molluscum highly critical. As molluscum is caused by a virus, it is highly contagious and can infect human tissue virtually anywhere on the body.
Dermatologists offer the following tips to their patients who have molluscum contagiosum or think that they may have this skin condition. If you think you have molluscum contagiosum, make an appointment to see a dermatologist. It is important to get an accurate diagnosis. Sometimes what looks like molluscum contagiosum can be warts or even skin cancer. Take action so that you do not spread the disease. It is possible to spread this disease to other parts of your body and other people. When bumps are visible, you can spread molluscum contagiosum.
Treatment for molluscum contagiosum helps to prevent this disease from spreading. Treatments that a dermatologist can perform in the office to treat molluscum molluscum include the options below. Cryosurgery: the dermatologist freezes the bumps with liquid nitrogen. Curettage: the dermatologist may use a small tool called a curette to scrape the bumps from skin. Laser surgery: a dermatologist uses a laser to target and destroy bumps, which can be an effective treatment for people who have a weakened immune system.
Your dermatologist can also apply various acids and blistering solutions to destroy the bumps. These work by destroying the top layers of the skin. Tricholoracetic acid is often used to treat people who have a weak immune system and many bumps. When a patient has many bumps or large bumps, a dermatologist may need to repeat the procedure every three to six weeks until the bumps disappear. These procedures cause some discomfort.
There are medicines that your dermatologist may prescribe for you to use at home. Imiquimod can be applied to the bumps, which helps your immune system fight the virus. This is strong medicine, which can also be used to treat stubborn warts and some skin cancers. Patients can apply retinoid or antiviral medicine to the bumps as instructed. While treating the bumps, it is normal for new bumps to appear as others fade.
Molluscum contagiosum remains contagious until all the bumps go away. If a person with a healthy immune system opts not to treat bumps, they will eventually go away on their own without leaving a scar. After treatment, a person may get new bumps for as long as six months. If a person has AIDS or another disease that weakens the immune system, the bumps will not go away without treatment and the bumps can be a challenge to treat. Dermatologists often combine treatments to offer these patients some clearing. Complete clearing may not be possible.
Surgically removing molluscum or using acids for molluscum treatment, as commonly prescribed, are traumatic and not always effective. As the antiviral properties in plant medicine have ability to penetrate all layers of skin and thoroughly eradicate molluscum infection, these active ingredients in plant medicine for molluscum have received considerable attention. Plant medicine is antiviral with pronounced virucidal action as a molluscum contagiosum treatment.
When modern natural therapeutics doctors use plant medicine to treat ailments, they not only rely on the traditional property of plant in traditional medicine, but also grasp its modern pharmacology function and mechanism, which makes this therapy more scientific and modernized. What many natural therapeutics doctors use are no longer primary raw plant medicine materials but are effective components extracted from plant.
Chemical drugs are poisonous, have much side effects, and are easy to present drug resistance while natural plant medicine has incomparable advantages in this respect. It’s difficult, long-period and expensive to develop pure synthetic new drugs, which makes the development of plant extracts and compound medicine become new choice. “Back to nature” and “green consumption” have become fashion, making plant medicine become good choice of modern healthcare. Plant medicine has been taken seriously day by day. To learn more, please go to