Portrait- Evidence For Endless Beauty

Any kind of artistic representation including, photographs, sculptures, paintings and many others, in which expression and face of a person is main known as portrait. It is a way of demonstrating the passion of the personality, resemblance and the current mood of the person as well. Taking photographs is not usually a snapshot. Rather, it is a collected picture of individual in motionlessness or in a kind of still position; while portraits show the individual looking straight at the photographer or artist. There is a reason behind looking at the direction of the artist because by doing so artists are able to engage the person to the viewer or the spectators effectively.

Portrait comes in different forms such as self-portrait, portrait paintings and so on. There are uncountable portraits but one of the most famous as well as the well known portrait is the Mona Lisa drawn by Leonardo da Vinci. This portrait is famous all over the world and doubtless, no painting is more attractive compared to Mona Lisa. It is a painting of an unknown smiling woman. Portrait photography is nowadays a well known and widely used money-making industry all over the world. There are numerous people enjoy having special portraits to commemorate certain events, such as graduations or weddings.

In the earlier time or in other words, the earlier portraits as known today were funeral portraits. They were not the self-portraits of emperors as well as kings. At that time the paintings came from Egypt and it is considered as they were the single paintings that carried on from the Roman period away from the wall paintings. The art of creating a portrait increased, when the Romans started sculpting. Portraits are being painted for a lot of different motives including increase the necessary painting abilities; symbolize the essential dignity of individual, and many others.

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