Post Scabies Scabetic Eczema

Scabies is a vesicular skin condition but the patient experiences severe itching sensations. Due to vigorous scratching, the vesicles on the skin are destroyed at a faster rate than its formation. This leads to a physical appearance which is pretty identical to eczema as far as morphology is concerned. If the doctors were to examine the surface of the skin carefully, then they might come across a linear vesicle, also referred to as a burrow. These burrows are microscopic in nature and can be easily overlooked.

The length of these burrows is from 1.5-3 mm and the width is usually 1mm. Inflammation is often found on the infected lesions, however would vary largely from one person to another. The circulation of lesions is rather distinguishing. These burrows are often found on the lesser exposed parts of the body such as the spaces between the fingers and the toes, the buttocks, near the elbows and on the anterior of the auxiliary folds. In addition, the genitals of men and women can also be infected with the condition. In cases with an extreme form of scabies, the infestation can also be found on the face as well as the scalp. In the beginning, the papules and the burrows are fewer in number. They are usually widespread and scattered all over the body. However, with the increase in the infestation, these burrows are found clustered together, leading to extreme pain and discomfort to the sufferer. Based on the severity of the infestation, it may perhaps take a few months to get rid of the condition.