PRAI Beauty in Depth Review from Someone Who Didn’t Enroll

If you are currently looking for a way to make money from home with network marketing, you will need to listen to different companies and offers, before you decide. You can find multitude online sites about PRAI Beauty, nonetheless if you want to get the real picture, you would potentially like to know what an MLM expert who never enrolled with the company thinks about the products, features and benefits. Read on to get a honest review of PRAI Beauty.

What does PRAI Beauty do – The Products

The company is constructing and marketing high quality skin-care products and anti-aging serums, systems. It is one thing that is on demand today. There are different PRAI Beauty products, and with the ageing population in the Western countries, it seems like a worthwhile opportunity for network marketers. The systems and products are proven to work, and claim to rejuvenate the skin, whilst protecting it from the damage from pollution in the air. The bulk of the products are based on the special ingredient: Prai root, found in the jungles of Thailand.

Individuals behind PRAI Beauty

PRAI Beauty was set up by Cathy Kangas, in 1999. She is not only a terrific business woman, but also is an animal rights fighter. She made a pledge that her products would not be tested on animals, ever. And all the skincare products offered by PRAI Beauty are made of natural ingredients. The company has been building rapidly since then, thanks to the growing customer base, happy distributors and great customer service.

The Start-up Costs and Compensation Plan of PRAI Beauty

You will find that the start-up cost of the opportunity with PRAI Beauty is higher than other MLM skincare companies’. The reason is that the products are more expensive than regular products. You can earn different bonuses, as well as a commissions; yet the details of the PRAI Beauty compensation plan are not published on the main website. It only focuses on the products, therefore you will have to develop your own business online.

Training with PRAI Beauty

The marketing strategy training available for PRAI Beauty distributors is placed on an online model. The revolutionary PRAI Beauty MLM training is considered to be powerful, includes contacting friends and colleagues first.

Final Thoughts about PRAI Beauty

There are advantages and disadvantages of the product and company offer. First of all, the options for becoming a distributor are not clearly explained on the website, and PRAI Beauty leaves prospecting to representatives. However, the exclusivity of the products and the unique ingredients make the company attractive, and higher prices also mean bigger commission checks.

With this type of company and product line, you will get under way by contacting individuals in your immediate sphere of influence. Meaning your friends, family and anyone you know. Some individuals can become really successful with this game plan because they have developed many solid relationships with individuals who are business minded. However, I have found in my 10 years of experience in this industry, most people do not fit into this category. So if you do not have existing relationships with people who know, like and trust you with business decisions, it is essential that you reach outside of the people you already know.

You can do this in two separate ways. You can wander around in shopping malls, join local groups and public business functions to network with lots of individuals. This way you are taking your PRAI Beauty business to the people. This is sufficient for the right kind of person but can be highly time consuming and frustrating for most.

The other strategy is to have people coming to you with credit card in hand wanting to join with you in business. To develop your business using this method, it’s critical that you comprehend how to market and have a working knowledge of personal branding and lead generation. The skin care industry is extremely competitive with not only retail stores, infomercials and salons, but also countless other network marketing companies. With that said, it is vital that you differentiate yourself from the competition and focus your attention on the individuals who will be joining you in business rather than wasting your time on individuals with no intention of making money.

At the end of the day, your success in PRAI Beauty will be based on your ability to sponsor new individuals into your organization. Unfortunately, most reps won’t succeed because they lack the skills needed to sponsor 1 to 2 reps per day. To see how you can separate yourself from the competition, generate endless leads for FREE and make money even if a person doesn’t join your PRAI Beauty business, visit Scott Zlateff’s Online MLM Secrets to claim your FREE 6 Day PRAI Beauty training.