Pre Bridal Packages By Indian Makeup Artist Sakhi Beauty

Are the butterflies in your stomach going crazy as your wedding day quickly approaches? Do you have a million to do lists that seem to be ever ending, and actually seem to be growing each day? Not to worry, because Sakhi Beauty can help you conquer your beauty related checklist, and all you have to do is setup an appointment, showup, and be pampered until you get the glowing radiance every bride should have for her special day!

Wedding need to be planned well in advance for variety of reasons and a bride must plan for even more! Not only do they need to worry about the outfit, its color, and the Saree Draping Styles or dupatta, but they also have to think of beauty regime that must start well be for the actual wedding.

Sakhibeauty”s Pre Bridal Package is all inclusive of the various things a bride needs to get done prior to the wedding events. In order to prepare for the auspicious occasion, the bride to be and the cosmetologists schedule a few appointments to care of routine care such as a 3 step facial, haircut, and waxing of arms, legs, face, haircolor/highlights, etc. In addition, the bride to be is entitled to trial in which Dipti will do a “mocktrial” of the wedding day in terms of hairstyle, makeup, Saree Draping Styles, jewelry, etc. During this time, the perfect hairstyle is chosen, Saree Draping Styles is decided especially is she wants something unique; makeup is applied to mirror the perfect, yet natural look, for the wedding day. While saree draping seems to be a normal task for most Indian women, on your wedding day, you want to look different and unique! Dipti has been professional trained in India and knows a variety of unique Saree Draping Styles (or you can bring your favorite style from the Indian TV Serials!) Also, a day or two in advance, Mehndi (Henna) is applied to ensure a bold and dark color of the wedding day!

Henna Tattoos NJ are a big part of Indian occasions, especially auspicious events. Bridal Henna is usually very intricate and applied on palms, forearms, fingers, feet, and legs of the bride. Other women at the wedding get henna tattoos done as well, however, are not as elaborate as the bridal ones. Henna is a temporary dye and presents with a reddish maroon color. It is considered auspicious and believed to bode well for the new bride if the color comes out dark and bold. Designs are usually in shapes of leaves, twines, and other intricate designs. Nowadays many henna artists can design the face of bride and groom within the mehndi, as well as hide the grooms name somewhere within the designs for the groom to late search for in his brides beautiful henna.

The highly trained beauticians at SakhiBeauty are experts in both traditional Indian henna as well as the newer Arabic style henna tattoos. They have been serving a large clientele of who needs pre bridal make up Edison NJ, Jersey City NJ, Central NJ, as well as other part of the tri-state area.

If your wedding day is coming up, do not worry! Sakhibeauty will take care of all your beauty related needs and you can be assured that with your glowing radiance, all eyes will be on you!