Research On Anti Aging Collagen

In fact, the investigators possess been interested within it since the 1960s. In that moment investigators associated aging procedures within human body with reduction of collagen synthesis. It is resulted not alone within wrinkles onto face and loss of skin elasticity. As well it is resulted within hearing, nails and muscle deterioration, joint ache, boats elasticity reduction and cellulite development. However, the former “victim” of the collagen reduction is the skin because collagen is the primary fraction within its structure. Collagen is the most transmit protein within human body and compounds of amino acids chains.

Today there are three well known models of collagen – tall molecular animal collagen, hydrolyzed collagen and fish collagen.

High molecular animal collagen
This model of collagen has proficiency towards insert into deep skin layers and replaces the wrecked collagen fibers of aging skin. The pellicle that is formed onto the skin is able towards keep water and traverses the oxygen. Due towards this feature the products with tall molecular animal collagen moisten, melt and lift the skin.

Hydrolyzed collagen
This model of collagen is able towards traverse across the protective skin layer and arrives into metabolic procedures within the body and hence it nourishes and moisturizes the
skin from within.

Fish collagen
At the end of 1990s novel class of cosmetics – collagen gels caused from natural three spiral collagen – appeared. In 1990s Polish scientists working onto devices that were far away from the cosmetology elicited collagen from the fish skin withdraw the flesh of which was very approaching the collagen flesh within human skin.

What is most meaningful, these scientists managed towards design collagen with transdermal properties significance that it is able towards traverse across the skin. Over the moment everybody the
difficulties with the fish collagen preservation during increasing of the storage temperature were successfully overcame. It is very meaningful as the collagen, especially fish one is an unstable product and it is adequate a little allowance of sour mineral that inflicts bacterial increases or insignificant increase of protein temperature for collagen towards decompose.

Collagen caused within a novel distance preserves its versatile amino acid flesh that resembles the human one. It processes that already we possess an opportunity towards deter aging via replacing the human skin the necessary allowance of protein because its deficit is the primary reason for aging procedures within the body. Researches behaved at the initiating of the 21st century possess proved the anti aging properties of fish collagen, but with the alarm that it displays ecological pastime and positive effectiveness alone within temperature range from 5 towards 23 degrees of Celsius.