Secret Anti Aging Fountain Of Youth Discovered In South America

The quest for Eternal Youth has been fraught with disappointment and false claims since modern civilization began hundreds of years ago. Looking for the Fountain of Youth has led humans to the every corner of the earth in the hopes of discovering that tonic which will reverse the pains and inflammation of old age, tighten sagging skin and wrinkles and provide an abundance of vibrant youthful energy.

This quest has led to the introduction of plastic surgery, which undoubtedly tightens up the epidermis, but at a great price, not only financially, costing thousands of dollars, but in self-esteem. Rather than feeling more youthful, many people have reported that after surgery they felt as if people looked at them differently, judging them and looking down upon them. This is simply due to the fact that plastic surgery artificially pulls skin and quite literally looks Artificial. This can cause a lifetime of trauma for someone who looks in the mirror everyday.

And of course there have been many herbs and roots claiming age reversal properties such as Alpha Lipoic Acid in the roots of Japanese Villagers or Fruits like the Acai berry from Brazil so recently over publicized. As potent as these discoveries may be, they unfortunately have never been scientifically linked to an actual Fountain of Youth.

That was up until 1973 years ago when a region Deep into the heart of the rainforest, high in the Andes Mountains called the Vilcabamba Valley was discovered and publicized by scientists. Vilcabamba is known as the Land of the Centenarians, where 1 in 64 people live to be over 100 years of age (as compared to 1 in 7,000 in the US). Scientists have studied the people living in this remote village for decades. According medical journalist Dr. Morton Walker, The Vilcabambans are some of the healthiest people on earth.

In 1973, Dr. Alexander Leaf of Harvard Medical School introduced these remarkable people to the world for the first time in his cover story for National Geographic Magazine. In 1981, the Ecuadorian government hired medical journalist Dr. Morton Walker to study these people in depth. In his book, The Secret to a Youthful Long Life, Dr. Walker reported that his research showed that the mineral rich water that the Vilcabambans drank was key to their long lives and health. Laboratory analysis of the Vilcabamba water determined that the unique balance of minerals in the local drinking water was ideal for promoting optimum human health. Additional research showed that the Vilcabambans diet of Anti-Oxidant rich fruits from the region were another significant contributor to their remarkable good health and longevity.

Why are the fruits, roots and water in this region better than any other in the world? If you look a the geographic location of Vilcabamba, its located near the equator where the suns rays are very powerful. In order to protect themselves, the fruits grow thicker and darker skins, which translates as: more anti-oxidants and vitamins. These are the scientifically proven master blasters to age reversal.

So potent are the anti-oxidants that these same fruits, roots and mineral water that allow the Vilcabambans to live youthfully past 100 have now been bottled as an Anti-Aging Youth Tonic and given a seal from Brunswick laboratories in the USA for consistently high anti-oxidant activity. This while products like Mona Vie, Xango and Goji have all failed at their attempts to gain such a Seal of Approval.

With benefits way beyond anti-aging such as the increase of Energy from the Mineral Water, relief from Diabetes, Arthritis, Back Pain and Heart Disease, this could be the closest thing weve seen to a real live Fountain Of Youth on our planet.

So where does one go to get a bottle of this Fountain of Youth Tonic from Vilcabamba. Read more at the link in the resource box from your author.